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looking for a clan..xbox

I am looking for a black ops 2 clan on Xbox  i play quite a bit and i have a  k/d around 1... hit me up gamertag is Siik N twist3d

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    Hi my name is swe1ch and im part of a Xbox clan called veritas gaming (VG) for short. We are looking for new members for our xbox side of our clan. We and a huge ps3 and battlefield 3 clan and are trying to buld up our xbox side and would like to have you in our clan. right now we just have one structured squad and we are look to get enough people to have a structured squad, a boot camp squad and a competive squad. If you are intrested just send me a friends request and xbox my gamer tag is swe1ch.

    You can also check out our website @ www.veritasgaminghq.com . You can also check out this video on how to sign up and register. http://youtu.be/SM4bK-sIbfs. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hello ssm1n1me I'm lilgetup and im coming to you to say we want you to join our rather growing clan/ community We r torc if u plz come to backoutnow.com and check us out and if u like it go an apply

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    Hi buddy, check us out. Need more info go on fb our contact me marlow7322

    UK-Legends is a uk based Xbox Gaming community.


    Recruiting now for like minded clan members to play COD (We are actively trying to expand the clan to compete on black ops 2)   




    Working mic and able to communicate with others. 

    18+ years old

    Must be in the uk 

    Access to Facebook (Clan matches/news will be posted on our page)



    Please feel free to join us if you want to have fun whilst making friends. contact Marlow7322, stripiestswine9 or slippers1209 for more info.



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    Hey Check out our Clan Iconik Gaming. We are a large clan with over 4500 players.

    Our Site is www.Iconik-Gaming.com you need no invite just regester when you want

    just put IG Shadowalker or IG Dev1lson as referrer (try IG Shadowalker first if it says it doesent work use IG Dev1lson)

    or just click the referrer link 


    We also Have multiple clans that you can join as soon as you reach the needed rank on our site

    You dont need to have a good K/D  or anything you Just need to be over 13 to join

    If you have any questions HMU on XBL GT: IG Shadowalker.