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You are so lucky in the USA getting the console and game so cheap!

Well maybe you guys should swerve away from the negative posts and pat yourself on the back for getting the console and black ops 2 so cheap! plus all the other benefits such as having both before the rest of the world and services such as TVii provided in December when the rest of world (apart from Japan) have no idea if and when we will get this fantastic service!


Just to advise you all! here in the UK the average price of the Wii U deluxe is £299 or in your terms $478!!! the game is £45 or again $72!!! yes those are correct!


I am lucky that I picked up a zombie u deluxe bundle with pro controller and black ops 2 for a great price of £323 from a on line retailer here or in your currency $517! however due to demand to pick this bundle up now you are looking at £389 or $622!


So when you feel that you need to moan again about something they may likely fix, feel pleased that you paid over $360 less for the same package, that's 6 games you could go and buy yourselves or buy one console get one Free!


I expect imaginary high fives all round by all of you and be pleased your not a UK consumer!!!!!


on a positive note my console and games arrive on Friday (release day) so the Europeans are coming for ya (noobs to kill, another benefit for you to rank up) and I hope to play some hardcore and game types that no one seems to be playing much off at present! (why do you all play TDM in core) it earns you less points, play some objective modes.


See you on line