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People who rage in lobbies ..accusations...

You know the ones I mean, half time in capture the flag, end of games etc and scream camper / glitcher / you mum this and that....


So I was playing HCCTF last night on Overflow.


At half time a guy who was on something like 12 - 29 , 1 capture and 2 returns was screaming "camper" down his mic at me as I was positive.


Anyway we won the game and I ended up on 57 - 19 , 2 captures and 7 returns with a 419 SPM  (7500 score) and he ended up on 28 - 36, 2 captures , 5 returns and 234 SPM.


Funny enough, at the end of the match there was no screaming, just plain silence.


Guess the question is why do people feel the need to scream and act like kids in lobbies? half time? shout at people without any facts? Are they just bad losers? or they think because someone is just playing better than them that they have had to have been camping?


And im guessing the best way to silence people like that is to just get on and play your game.