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    excellent post OP... i recall the backlash you took with your original post and i don't recall making any comments before because i didn't even have the game to try it at that point.  but i remember some of your points being that the game doesn't feel like BO in that it feels like MW3, that people were just running around randomly and you were getting hit in the back and from all sides due to the small maps.


    well, after playing it for several weeks, i have to completely agree.  the maps are terrible.  which leads me to believe that is why they are selling all map packs at a reduced rate to help sell them... i hated MW3 and bought 0 map packs after buying all 4 for BO.  i will NOT be buying any for BOII either.  i feel as if infinity ward made the multiplayer on BOII and i feel like i'm playing MW3... it's very sad and dissappointing... i really liked W@W and BO and i thought this game would be more like them...

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    While I haven't got anything like the experience you have, I agree with everything you've said. I know a lot if people didn't like MW3 but I did, maps like Sanctuary, Bakaara, Gulch and Overwatch had nice flows, catered to multiple play styles and allowed me to play as I wanted. I like to use LMGs and ARs, keep my distance, flank and play tactically. On smaller maps I'm more if a shotgun guy. I can't play the way I want to because of the issues you mentioned regarding map design and flow, spawns and the dominance of SMGs. The one thing above everything that makes me rage is bloody hip firing, seriously, it's stupidly accurate even without that stupid laser and about 60% if killcams are people spraying like mad. It's ARs as well now, not just SMGs. I got put it a game in progress and didn't select a class to judge whether or not to join, I spectated a guy who was just running around hip firing an MTAR for every single kill, didn't ADS once. I just don't get it, hardly anyone did that previously unless in panic when bumping into an enemy. I can't help but ADS and I'm losing because if it. I feel like I'm being penalised for trying to play properly and everyone I know feels the same. I want to enjoy the game but it's just so frustrating.

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    The only other thing I would add is the skill based matchmaking. 


    I think it leads to a lot of the issues in your post.  I am not a networking person but I have played enough FPS multiplayer to know that when you start matching a person from the midwest US against people in Europe, Asia or the Middle East there is something wrong with the system and it cannot be the best connection. 


    Every match should not be an MLG event. 

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    I have to agree 100%.  I like the game, and think it would be greatly improved if the lag comp got sorted out.  Heck, right now I just want them to say, "Hey guys, we know there is a problem, we're working on it!"


    Ever notice how most of the time you die because you 1) either did something wrong or 2) you get shot in the back?   Since the maps have absolutly 0 flow to them after the first 30 seconds, people are all over the place.  If you don't use a suppressor someone will see you on the mini map, turn around and shoot you in the back.  Quite frustrating. 


    The maps are flat out bad.  B domination on 90% of the maps are next to impossible to take or retake since you can't check out all 20 angles that you can be shot from. 


    D.V. said that they have spawns down to 3% of the time you will see someone within 3 seconds of spawning.  I call BS.  I think its more like 10-15%.  Spawn....start running.....dead.   FUN! 


    They did so much right, but technical issues and map issues make this not much fun right now.  Glad I don't have the season pass because if the maps they have 2 years to make are this bad, how bad will the maps be that they have months to work on?

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    i dont agree on overpowered shotguns.


    shotguns have 0 range and extended reload times. if we cant kill you in one shot in a CQC situation, we are dead. so there is that. is it upsetting that you run into an ally or building and there is a shotgun blast to your face? sure, i hear many people on the mic (those 2-3 seconds that the enemy can talk to you post kill) screaming about how unfair that is or simply saying "...wow..". but that is the premise of shotguns my friend.


    on the other hand, if i see you in a long shot situation, im pretty much done for as you will more than likely fill my carcass full of bullets before i can even fumble for my seconday pistol.

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    There was a 100,000 people on Black Ops 1 yesterday on PS3.

    Only 150,000 on Black Ops 2.

    I recall it being the same for MW3.

    I was surprised this game went with the MW3 format.

    They can't be selling to many map packs.

    They are just pissing people off, and throwing away money.

    It's time for a change at Activision.

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    Do you ever find yourself in a lobby with a guy who repeatedely rises to the top of the scoreboard?  It doesn't matter which map you play, he seems to have them all figured out?  I see this guy as a skilled player, and use his greatness as a reminder that there is indeed skills needed.  If everything was based on casual skill, wouldn't you expect to see other random people overtake that fellow at the top?  How can you argue that it takes no skill when a skilled player finds himself at the top after every game?


    The more I play this game, the more I seem to figure it out.  The new maps are just that, new.  I find myself doing much better after two weeks, and I expect I'll be even better in two more.  It's still a relatively new game, and I would hope that people haven't hit the skill ceiling within the first month. 


    As you've been hearing, give it more time.  Treyarch released a fix last week, and chances are there will be others in the near future. 

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    If I die I want it to be because someone out played me.  Not becuase someone has some advantage with their connection.  I am sick of being dead before I see someone.  Person A rounds the corner I die. I don't have a chance to even try and hip fire.  I am shooting three feet to the left or right on the opponents screen. 


    I was playing on Sunday and someone just rounded a corner with a flag.  Normally I would stop firing and chase them.  Instead I just kept firing and sure enough I got the kill.  I was not aimed to shoot through the rocks that the flag carrier was behind I was aiming well behind that person.  It was a total BS kill.  It should have never happened.  However, since I am always killed from around corners when taking cover I thought to myself why not give it a shot and sure enough it worked. 



    I am almost willing to put up with the quickscopers and OMA danger close combo from MW2 to get back to a game with decent hit detection. 

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    There is no skill in hip firing an SMG and letting the auto aim system get you kills.


    If you want to be at the top of the leaderboard this is your only option all other paths are limited. 

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