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Losing faith in Treyarch


Well it's official, I am no longer having fun with this game and simply cannot.  Sure, if I lose a gunfight because I am slow reacting, more power to the victor.  But when I get off the first shot everytime, and put half a clip into someone, only to be killed with 2-3 shots...that is not fun to me.  This horrible lag compensation is happening everytime I play and I have went from a decent COD player 1.25-1.50 KDR range, to 1.00 or under.  I really had high hopes for Treyarch to take the reigns as the premiere COD developer, and after playing the single player first, I defintely thought this was the case.  For all those who are no longer having fun with this game, please fix this.


P.S.  And is anyone suffering sound balance issues with voices, guns, etc.?  Particularly in zombies, where you can't even herer the Olympia shoot if playing split screen.

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    Losing faith in all cod devs, because they don't talk to the community.

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      I will say they listen to the community, but, only a small part of it. If you watched Friday Night Fights season 3 almost all the players were using smgs. What did we get...an smg game. The maps are almost all based around that gun. The average rate of fire increased to the point where using an assault rifle, w/higher damage, is pointless. The smg will unload more rounds before the AR will even get to the second or third damaging rounds. Even the range of smgs seemed to increase and yet they also get long barrels. They listened to mlg and youtube guys assuming that everybody wants to play like them. Because of that we no longer see maps like Arkaden, Bootleg, Crash, Quarry, Invasion, ect. that allow for more playstyles.


      Recently i looked at my custom class loadouts on COD4, MW2, BO1, and MW3 to see the various setups that I was running. They were so different and intentional to the game modes and map types they had in those games. In this game I have one sniper class, one w/an AR, and the rest are smgs. I find it stupid that my fall back classes are determined by the specific smg the opposition is using. Before i prestiged one class had to have the scorpion evo on it cause it was the end all be all. I truly wish it wasnt that way but it is. There are no more tactics or thought involved, it is just be faster w/the highset RoF. So they did listen, just maybe, to the wrong people.

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        Arkaden, bootleg and quarry. Wow, three of my worst all time maps ever, how can you like these boring maze infested maps. The smgs havnt got the range of mw3 and i think atleast you have more sniping/ assault rifle opportunities with the maps on black ops 2 for sure. It does seem to be more of an advantage with a sub in most cases but that was the case with cod 4 and especially waw with the mp40. Does it matter tho if the gameplays fun which it is...

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          Well I dont like the maps that I mentioned as much some might think either. I singled those maps out cause the opportunities those maps presented to various playstyles. Take a map like Hazard or Wasteland for example. Sure you can use a shotgun or smg on a small percentage of the maps and dominate the majority of other players using an AR or sniper rifle. But it was/is still a small percentage of those maps. Now think of Crossfire and Strike from COD4. With those maps it didnt matter what kind of gun was being used, everybody had the same chance of putting up good numbers cause the maps were balanced for all playstyles. If you had a shotty or smg there were spots to thrive. If you went into the open snipers would have a ball. LMG and AR guys had choke points to try and hold down. If there was a guy holding down a room and you didnt like it, you would have to think about how you were going to take him out. Prev games gave you multiple sight lines but in this game it gives more entry points like piles of debris.


          You might be having fun w/this game and that is cool. But I truly think people would have more fun w/pick 10 and the new weapons/equipment on older style maps because everyone would need to get creative about the loadouts. How much fun is it running into people all using lightweight, fast hands, dexterity/extreme conditioning and an SMG on maps designed for nothing else?

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      MLGTWISTED wrote:


      Losing faith in all cod devs, because they don't talk to the community.


      This made the HQ Theater.


      A Fine post indeed.

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      Honestly... I think it's time to start questioning Activision itself.  I believe it's clear now that the Dev Studio's no longer have any real decision power in their games.  Corporate (Activision) dictates timeslines and the studios have to follow it.  There is essentially no time for the Dev's to dedicate to serving the community as a whole.


      This is probably one reason Robert Bowling left IW... he was getting beat up very bad on Twitter for the MW3 disaster.  I would wager Vahn will be "looking for better opportunities" himself before long.


      For Activision, the game isn't broken.  It's playable by millions... they continue to make money.  Why fix what ain't broke to them? 


      Anyhow that's my opinion of course.  I could be wrong.

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    This is my opinion on this whole situation:


    Activision, and to a lesser extent Treyarch, simply don't care. CoD games have proven that they are a huge money making machine. Every year these games do better than the year before, from a corporate standpoint-where numbers matter (Number being money) that's huge. It seems that the bigger CoD gets, and the more money that it brings in, the less and less they care about tracking down every bug the game has and making it an enjoyable experience for all involved.


    CoD has become more of a seasonal event, than the release of a stable game that plays well; They know they'll make money, so they cut corners in QA and push out a product that probably needed more testing. But in the end all that matters is numbers; $500 million on release day speaks louder than our complaints about the game ever will.