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Maps for Sniping?

Now I've noticed that every time a CoD comes out,there are less and less snipers maps. and it started from Black Ops 1

Just look at this Maps from MW2



Real Sniping Maps,then from the DLC's we got

Overgrown, & Fuel more sniping maps

Thats = 9


Then on Black Ops 1 we got these maps,

Cracked,Jungle,Crisis,& Array

Then from DLC's we got

Hazard and Drive-In  

Thats = 6 maps


Then on MW3 We got

Bakaara,Interchange & Mission

Then on DLC's we got

Liberation & Black Box (Not counting the last DLC(Final Strike) )

That's = 5 maps


Then on Black Ops 2

we get

Turbine & Carrier, That's it 2 maps, What will we get in the Next CoD? 1 or 0 Sniping maps?C'mon Treyarch I'm really hoping you guys will add more Sniping maps in the upcoming DLCs *Crosses Fingers*

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    You forgot Yeman, I think it is...Or Yemen w/e.


    Honestly I hate sniping maps just because sniping in the past two games has really got me "mad bro". I don't like being shot by a shotgun across the map in the foot and dying. But that's just me.


    Meltdown and Raid have a couple sniping spots too, btw.

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    The game really does need maps like these, not to the extent of wastland, bog, hazard, or liberation, maps that allow more playstyles than just run with an smg. Maps like backlot, ambush, crossfire, and district from cod4 made that game the greatest in the series. Those maps made you think about your loadout and how you were going to play. Maps like arkaden, bootleg, village, and interchange were not biased to any style at all, people could have success no matter the gun they were running. It might be the spawn system they are using that makes this game almost pointless to snipe on, but the maps on BO2... well they suck.

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    You can snipe on any map and be successful. MW3 had a lot more sniper friendly maps than that btw. You forgot the most obvious one, Terminal. Without the DLC there were at least 6 or 7 that were good for sniping.

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    Just need maps that aren't so messy and plain crap.

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    We'll have to wait and see what the DLC packs bring.


    Haven't seen any trailers for the first DLC but i'm guessing we'll get to see one in January or something.

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    If sniping was as good in BO1 as it is in this, then just about every map in that game would be sniper friendly.


    MW3 started this whole "mindless chicken" gameplay that we have in BO2.


    BO2, continued that trend, except tried to add a few sniper alleys to each map.  Drone for example is 90% clusterf****, with a couple sniper alleys.  Same for turbine.


    One thing you dont see anymore is "pure" sniper maps like bog/derail/wasteland ext.

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      cwatz wrote:


      One thing you dont see anymore is "pure" sniper maps like bog/derail/wasteland ext.


      Countdown, Overgrown, Pipeline, Strike...all maps where proper sniping can take place.


      Hijacked is Nuketown essentially and Raid kinda reminds me of Vacant a bit.

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    aftermath, yemen, raid, standoff. im kinda getting sick of people complaining that theres no sniping maps, theres plenty. just cause they arent all open like estate from mw2 doesnt mean you cant snipe on them.