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Absolutely unacceptable!

This is the worst Call of Duty I have EVER played! No, I'm not talking about spawns, weapons, perks, and all that other nonsense. I'm talking about the game itself. Ever since I started playing multiplayer, it has been nothing more then an absolute, despicable, and pathetic nightmare. I missed out on Double Exp weekend simply because of the disgusting online support for the PS3. In one day, I had to reset my PS3 twice! Some of you may say, "Oh...boo-hoo! I had to reset my system 50 times. Stop crying!" First of all good sir, I'm not a risk taker like you. Why should I put my system at risk because of Treyarch's attitude towards the PS3? I don't feel like breaking my system because of their screw up.


Second, the most recent patch (1.03) didn't fix ANYTHING. When I put the disk in, I was prompted to download 1.03. Hoping that it would resolve the freezing issue, I gave it a try. After about 30 minutes of gameplay, the damn thing froze...again! I simply reset my system, took out the disk, and put another game in. While playing other games (which run perfectly without any problems, mind you), I went online to see if there were any updates. The only thing I found was that people still experience problems, crashes, freezes, etc. after the patch. Sure okay, it's been a day after the patch...perhaps they'll release another one soon. Well, that "soon" turned out to be over 5 days. Yet again, some of you may say "Lol, it's not that much! Deal with it!" Yet again, I will not "deal with it." Why should I wait over 5 days in order for the developer's to fix their screw up!? Issues like these must be addressed quickly and with precision!


Worse, they cannot even keep the PS3 community updated. The only thing I saw as an "update" was an article about the patch 1.03 notes. I don't give a flying f**k about the patch notes! If the patch would resolve the issues, then I would possibly hesitate to read the article. Give us something already, will you! Give us at least the release date for patch 1.04, or how far are you into finding the solution to the problem!


Today, I read some tips on how to stop the freezing in Black Ops 2. I installed the HDD textures, hoping that that would do at least something. You guessed it! Didn't fix s**t. How much longer must we wait? Huh? Perhaps you people need your eyes to be opened! Maybe if all the PS3s are damned to hell, THEN you'll do something. Problem is, it'll be too damn late because no one will give a s**t...


But in ALL my honesty, I'm starting to lose respect for Treyarch with every passing day. I loved the s**t out of Cod 5 and Black Ops. Fantastic games! If you are that wisea** who will probably say "Cod 5 and BO also had problems, so ha ha!"...well I got Cod 5 late after its problems were fixed. As for Black Ops, when I played multiplayer, I experienced no issues/problems. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY...Treyarch will give us another Double Exp weekend in order to compensate for the previous one. If not, then they better allow us to get a full refund on the game! I'm sick and disgusted by their attitude towards the PS3 community!


I promised myself that Black Ops 2 would be the last CoD I would purchase. I guess I should have kept that promise on MW3...



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    That is what I thought. You know, silence is a sign of agreement...

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    yeah bro, it's so hard not to develop a rage when playing bo2!?  i'm so ready to leave.  i'll go bother some other forum!

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    because I bought the season pass like a fool I cannot get rid of this game.  Because I bought a new ps3 to be able to play it (both my other ones broke a week before), I cannot get rid of this game.  When the hackers become more prevelant than they already are, I will still be doomed to play this game - but - I will never buy another title from either of these companies.  Not like this.

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    Damnit I would have liked that if you weren't demanding either a double XP weekend or a full refund


    However, Treyarch. FIX THE CRASHES!! I paid 60 dollars for a piece of software that acts like a BETA! At least the matchmaking doesn't say Waiting for players to even out teams with a full server anymore, but I do not want my playstation harmed because you make me hard boot it 3 times a day.

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    Ive Played better beta's

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    Demanding? Of course I'm demanding another Double Exp weekend! How is it fair to the PS3 users, huh? Remember when Treyarch gave a Double Exp weekend for Black Ops PS3 when PSN stopped working (started in March 2011?). This is a similar situation. In fact, I think they should give Double Exp to ALL PS3 players, because I'm pretty sure that they (those who did not preorder) also experience problems.


    As for the full refund, that too I'm demanding. If Treyarch will continue to not give a s**t about the PS3 and not keep us updated, then at least let us sell the game!

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    Just return the game to the shop! It doesn't function as described, so you are entitled to a full refund! That's what I am doing.

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    agreed 100%, keep denying your broken shitty game isn't broken..

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    Information Iv'e seen around that the patch would be coming December 6th. Seen it posted on this fourms a couple of days ago as well. Not sure if it is true or not but I hope it is not that late. I enjoy the game during day time (GMT, England) but at night the game goes so laggy and unplayable I just hate it.



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