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Hardscoping with Ghost

I'll be quick about this. Ghost should work while ADS with a scope on a sniper rifle. I am not a quickscoper, never have been or will be. But you simply cannot move fast enough to hardscope with ghost, to stay off the radar. I don't think this would be overpowered if it were only while ads, and with a scope, (not something like ballista with iron sight).

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    It's the same with LMGs.  I think I would only not show up on the radar when a UAV is called in when using Ghost and an Adjustable Stock.  So if I'm starting a new LMG with no attachments, I am pretty much screwed.


    They should have given sniper rifles in-built protection from UAV.

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    I really like this idea, is very rare that I snipe on CoD and this title seems like you may be able to. However, as soon as I hear UAV spotted whilst sniping I imediately have to think about moving is a pain. I think the ads idea would keep the game balanced