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  • 50. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance
    A Pig that flys

    yes, and it also takes 0 skill to camp. And if you think that core is just hipfiring SMG's, use this advice: GET OFF OF NUKETOWN! Most everyother map relies on assault rifles or ADS with smgs, wince their open. And do you seriously think a MOAB running and gunning, (and in retrospect, I'm pretty sure it was you that said running and gunning is for crybabies, maybe not, but i think it was, correct me if im wrong) but my friend has over 500 MOABs, a monthly kdr of 6.1, an overall kdr of 6.31, and he used LMG's and got MOABs in search. So MOABs aren't that special, especially since MW3's in trash for most of us now.


    And I'm pretty sure it's called "DOMINATION" not "CAPTURE TWO FLAGS AND KILL THE ENEMY AS THEY COME OUT OF THEIR SPAWN" or spawn trapping, which takes camping and sitting in one spot most the time. Domination was never eant to keep two flags, if you go back to COD4, every DOM game was filled with one team DOMINATING the other. COD4 was perfectly balanced, and that balance was broken with campers, which is why CoD was removed from MLG Pro Circuit in MW2, campers and Noob Tubers. So STFU about "campers" and "rushers" and "ghost" and "UAVs" since this is the most balanced COD since COD4, and if you're wondering, BO2 is being considered being put back into MLG Pro Circuit, which tell's ya something, don't it.

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    Using MLG as your defense for considering CoD "balanced"... you've lost any credibility you might've once had.

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    LOL, it won't happen since this game takes no skill to play now. Just put on the wall hack sight and head glitch, easy 2+ k/d, and with the broken ghost good luck getting the drop on a camper that is well entrenched in their spot with their 2 lethals and 2 tacs. Oh and if they don't fix the spawns, they will most cetainly never get back on the MLG pro circuit, too easy to spawn ****.


    Oh and as for the noob tubes, there is no need for them when you can just head glitch all day long and kill more people than your 2 tubes will every time you spawn. Altho I admit I have a tube class for when im feeling like a **** .


    And @A Pig that flys your rant about MLG being only for run and gun is totally wrong, MLG is about tactical play, granted there are amazing run and gunners there but you never go against an entire team of run and gunners. The basic set up you see there is 2 rushers to run into enemy spawns, 2 mid runners to pick off people trying to leave the spawn, and 2 in the back to hold the spawn so you know exactly where you will spawn up at incase the rushers or mid runners die. Teams that consist of only run and gunners do horrible in the pro circuit cause they get out played by tactical teams. What they did to this game is make it into one big fuster-cluck-run-and-gun-head-glitch-wall-bang-tryhard-noob-fest. This game will never see the MLG pro circuit unless they start fixing the problems they created trying to fix problems that can not be fixed by changing game mechanics.

  • 53. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

    Yup, they "nerf" quickscoping, which is fine, make it a little harder, make practicing it more valuable, it's harder but you can still do it, but regular sniping, talk about a joke now, sad thing is the only way to really snipe effectivly now is to quick scope...running around with it is the only way ghost will work for you, sad they try and end "quickscoping" then make it the most practical way to snipe, win....

  • 54. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

    I don't buy it man. Every lobby leader I see is using an SMG.

  • 55. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

    Worst part about this game now is UAV's make campers....love how every killcam is someone with a UAV up and either:


    A) posting up around a corner with the red dot up waiting on you, because they know exactly where you are....thanks UAV aka Orbital v-sat


    B) have a submachine gun run in blindly hipfiring a corner hoping he gets a kill while not once actually aiming in or even trying to make an effort to hit the person, because hey why aim when hipfire is auto kills....


    Glad to see it's almost december and ghost hasn't even been addressed by 3arch...

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    More and more I play, the less guns I see, the less playstyles I see, everyone in the game is turning into SMG hipfire red dot chasers, and all because of one perk....It's amazing that something as simple as a perk completly makes half the guns in the game a disadvantage to use

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    it really is a bit ridiculous. i've been playing mercenary moshpit, and the uav/lack of a true ghost, has completely ruined every mode for me. capture the flag is pretty hard when you try to get their flag, so you try to sneak into their area, only to have a uav called in and all of a sudden there are four guns pointed right at your point of entry. you can't even stop to check the area around the flag. you have to keep moving, without even thinking or trying to maneuver. it's brainless, adhd style of play, and it's entirely too frustrating for me.

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    Of course it is, UAV took every aspect of tactical play out of the game, at least in BO1 if someone had assassin and only camped then who cared, you lob a nade, you shoot a rocket, you launch a toob, or you ignore him and wait for a killstreak to just kill him, all this Learn to adapt crap, please if people actually learned then ghost wouldn't be where it is now, this is COD, it's tactical play, and why you would turn it into a halo run in a circle and pray your hipfire hits more times is a joke

  • 59. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

    you absolutely show up even when you are crouch walking. 100% of the time.

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