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Should have listened...

To myself when I said 8 months ago I would wait for player reviews before buying this game.  Can't do anything when playing in a party due to lag.  When I play alone I do ok.  Tired of firing 10-12 rounds into a guy only to have them turn and drop me in 3 shots.  Maybe it will improve at some point, but not counting on it. 


Oh well, Borderlands 2 is fun and Skyrim has DLC coming. 


You got me again Activision, you hacks.  Shame on me, I should have known it would be more of the same.

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    It's the damned pre-order perks that make people buy a stupid worthless game before ever knowing how it's going to turn out. It's absolutely bull****. There has got to be something somewhere that would entitle us to our money back for sure a pisspoor product.


    "Works as intended."


    Not this time either, congratulations of showing the gaming community what it is like to be on of the most powerful yet worthless development teams to exsist...

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    It just came out. Calm the hell down. Of course its going to be buggy and slow during launch week, it has for every cod game and arguably every online game in existance.  It's gonna be smoother next week or the week after.

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      Same was said last year, AND the year before.... Guess what? Nothing was fixed.


      Some of us really thought they had changed this year with the whole best ping matchmaking, turns out it was just another ploy to get us to buy the game.

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      It shouldn't be buggy when it first comes out!  They have had enough previous CODs to learn by and bring a product that works, or failing that how about bringing a beta out beforehand. 


      When spending £40 on a game, which isn't cheap we should expect something that works.  As for the servers, the developers knew that there would be a lot of people going online, they brag enough about how its gonna be the fastest selling game blah blah blah. 


      its piss poor!

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    Ok dude, stop complaining. Its only been out for 2 days, they have millions on millions of players trying to access their servers. Do you know how much stress that puts on them? Not only that, but the dev team have been working hard on making this game. They need a break, yet they still continue to fix the game even at the release.


    Just wait a couple days for things to be smoothened out. It will get better.

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      Don't be a moron! They have been developing this game for a long time. This isnt the first online multiplayer game or anything. They knew how many people would be buying and playing this game the first week.


      Give me a break. They should still be working to fix whatever comes up. Little glitches and bugs, minor stuff. THATS THEIR JOB! Really, "they need a break"? I need a break. I go to work and am expected to perform to a ceratain level. These guys are below average. They ahould have a lot of lessons learned from all the previous games. No and/or VERY weak enemy footsteps, lag compensation crap or whatever you want to call it, taking away game modes from previous versions. They should have known that people are going to expect these same problems to be nonexistent on release day by now.


      These guys need a permanant break from their jobs. I think monkeys could make a better game. At least they learn from their mistakes. The problem is, these monkeys already have their bannanas from us, now they are just going to take a break and throw **** at us.

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    Yeah guys, stop complaining.  It should be completely acceptable for a company to release a broken product that is experience based.  I mean, lots of other companies in the private sector do this.  Like... well I can't think of a single one.

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      If you can't think of a single one, then I can...


      I can think of a few dev companies rushing out the door with an unacceptable piece of **** game. Look tho every game has its issues.


      AC3's single player campaign had issues right out the gate of its release. In Halo 4, certain cats were unable to get into the matchmaking server when it first released. It's how it is with every game... BLOPS II is no exception.


      Not everything works out perfectly, lono, so get your mind right and understand that no company will have a perfect product. Murphy's Law takes no prisoner.

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      Remember Brink and Homefront last year? That's two, if you couldn't think of one then you need to get your head out of your dad's arse and research before you make stupid comments.

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    I had some unexpected time at home and loaded up the game for the first time today. Appears to play very well for me in both campaign and multiplayer. Nuketown 2025 is quite fun.


    If the more-experienced folks say there are issues, then I have no reason to doubt their feedback, but speaking from personal experience change can be difficult. I had a great time playing this game today, but would still switch over to MW3 and play a couple rounds - because I'm accustomed to it.


    Give it a few days, it is a different experience.

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      Lesser skilled players don't tend to notice the lag compensation (not saying you are a poor player).


      Just watch carefully as you play if there's often alot of situations where you shoot a guy first and you're not getting hitmarkers, dying instantly, getting shot around corners you are most likely being punished by lag compensation for having a better connection than other players.

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        How ironic that a guy with 1 post trys to tell us about "experience" in the game. Also, people who keep saying it's the servers causing the lag................someone's xbox is the server the game does not use a dedicated server. It should not matter how many people are playing, actually it should be better with more people playing because matchmaking should find games closer to you. This is just the beginning of 12 more months of excuses and placebo patches.

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    If there was a 48 hour satisfaction guarantee on video games, this game would have less than 100k in sales. If there was a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, it would have less than 10k. Major fixes and turn arounds take more than "a few days" as someone put it lol.

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    I have enjoyed playing, but my standards are perhaps lower. However, the one BIG difference I have noticed early on is that basically, every AR or even LMG is like rapid fire. And even on HC, it takes plenty of rounds to drop somebody. Now, this could just be me, but it is definitely how I believe it. Hardcore, which is basically all I play (except I have to play Core Dom online), in games of CTF I noticed having to almost exhaust a mag to put down two dudes. These exchanges should typically be 2SK or 3SK, tops. Not me rifling through an entire clip only to get pieced by a couple shots by opposing players.


    As for the lag, when I have played online MP with my brother, who lives in a different state, I do way worse. I'm not a high KD player, don't get me wrong. But without him, I'm more likely to "go positive" than with. Dudes running in place, the works.

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    For the lag comp problem, I made sure to switch my search preferences to Best instead of the default Normal. That has helped a lot. I win gun fights when I'm supposed and I die when I'm supposed. I can play a lot calmer.


    Problem is, after a few games,  host changes and new players come and go, so that Best search you searched for is long gone and your somewhere new. I think thats how it goes. So I have to leave and search a new game. Which is annoying and I'm pretty sure it just ruined my SPM because it plummeted. I was having bad games, but I think it's due to the backing out. But I would back out before the game started, I dunno. Stupid.


    The other problems definitely remain. Spawning. Small fricken maps. Every lobby I'm in, no on has above 2.0. Everyone is around 1-1.6.


    I wish all is true and after a week or two, the online will be better. I just wish they'd patch stuff really quickly and they could do something about the maps. But the maps are here to stay which sucks. New maps will probably be somewhat similar because they are under design already most likely.


    Hows Halo online? Any fun? Black Ops 1 was great. Played till August I think. I know this lag comp and everything is dissapointing, but I really believe the crazy amount of players online, probably 1.5 million with all platforms, the servers are just not right. They need to implement dedicated servers. I hate having to just search and get plopped into a game. Wish things were more like Battlefield where I could filter out regions, amount of players, and so on. Battlefield fixed important issues too. I just can't imagine anything really changing for COD. Ugh so dissapointing.

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    WHEN the game works, it's extremely fun.


    That's ONE netcode fix away from being extremely fun.

    The game's reputation has suffered more than necessary for this;


    The game is extremely good at it's core.