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Favorite Map and Gun

Personally, my favorite map is Raid. It's a great map for Micheal Myers which me and my friends play almost every day. I also tend to destroy the enemy team on it.


My favorite gun is the Vector. Everyone tells me that it's not as good as the Skorpion or the MP7, but I'm keeping up a 2.60ish k/d with it, so I'm going to stick with it.


What are your favorite guns and maps?

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    PDW and MP7.  Probably Raid and Slum for the map.

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    Myself, I've got a soft spot for Express, it's where I got my first Bloodthirsty medal and Lighting Strike.

    Favorite gun? The MK 48 LMG. Turns out, for such a cerebral player, I suck at the precise stuff. Suppression fire ALL THE WAY.

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    MSMC or Type 25..


    Yemen or Drone

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    At the moment its the M27


    Favorite maps probably Carrier and Hijacked

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      My favorite gun is probably the Scar-H or FAL so far. I have only prestiged once though so far, and havn't played with a lot of the guns.


      Favorite maps are Hijacked and Turbine, since I hardly ever get to play on them and I generally use my shotgun class on hijacked, and sniper on Turbine(I dont use those on any other maps really).

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    Fave guns are the r870 shotgun (thinks thats the name lol) and the fal. Ive got 1 more challenge for gold shotgun which ive prestiged once and my fal is gold, prestiged twice. Always have a class with them both on.


    Fave maps are express and standoff, i like raid too tho.

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    Gotta agree on the vector its a nasty little gun I like the silencer ext mag combo and also the PDW is an excellent gun.

    My favourite map so far has to go to Carrier it's a good map for KC or HQ.

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    Favorite guns in no particular order are the MSMC, AN94, Scar-H and Type 25


    In terms of maps Carrier, Standoff, Hijacked and Slums are the maps I do the best on. Plaza has potential too

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    Still haven't unlocked everything, but from what I've used so far I seem to do best with the MP-7 or Type 25.  Also had a really fun gameplay with the LSAT today.


    For maps, I haven't really found a map that I dislike yet (Turbine is getting there, though).  I guess if I had to pick a favorite it'd be Raid or Hijacked.  That's for domination play.

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    Weapon - PDW-57 w/ EOTech sight, foregrip and long barrel (followed closely by the Remington R870)


    Maps - Nuketown (glorious, utter freakin' chaos!), Plaza, Hijacked and Express. Don't like Cargo - get my ass handed to me every stinkin' time on that one.


    Remember, you can't have slaughter without the laughter


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    Hijacked is my favorite, even though I'm terrible at it compared to other maps. M27 is probably my favorite gun, though I don't really use it much because I feel like if I don't use an SMG I've handicapped myself, lol.

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    I like most maps. Except Plaza. I don't know why but Plaza just isn't an overly fun map for me .I like hijacked and Yemen the best though.


    Generally I like all the small to medium maps. I wish we had a map that was really really great for sniping. That would be the best. Just one map where snipers did really well on.

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      Gah, ALL the maps are great for snipers!  Lots of second-story windows with long lines of sight, hills, long alleys...I can't remember the last game where I didn't die multiple times to sniper snots.