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multiple profiles

How do you create multiple profiles or is that possible?  When I registered my Wii U it automatically assigned me the name I registered with and I have other people in the house that want their own profile.

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    Yeah you can create multiple profiles for the Nintendo Network.


    Keep in mind its no longer "Game profiles" like in the wii......whatever profile you have for the Nintendo Network is the profile you will have for every multiplayer game(well, unless EA decides for some odd reason(THEY'RE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD) to have the EA network in their games....but I doubt it)

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    You can have up to 12 seperate gaming accounts for every Wii U you have.

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    How does it work when you have friends playing splitscreen? Do they need NN accounts too? Next semester I'm probably going to have at least a few days where I'll have one friend on the pad, with one other and myself splitscreening. (if the internet in the dorm cooperates...)