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Lag Comp question

Most games I start off minimal problems. Around mid point it falls apart. Is the comp determined at each host migration and the start of a match or is it constantly changing? I have a fast connection but it flucuates. If my connection speed changes after the start of a match would it effect the game?

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    It is constantly changing (though its not changing much, unless you start saturating your bandwidth).

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    I would say lag comp fluctuates during gameplay.  Has anyone ever started the game off sprinting and felt it was normal and then a little later on in the game sprinted again and it felt like you had a jet engine strapped to your back.  Not only your sprinting was in hyper speed but your movements in general were?


    I wish they put a ping limit to other players when choosing best so I know for sure I am getting close matchmaking.  Obviously if I sit there and I wait 3-5 minutes without starting a match I will switch back to normal, but let that be my decision.  I wouldn't mind seeing a ping limit on both BEST and NORMAL so we know for a fact we are getting good matchmaking.  ANY would have no ping limit.

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      that's not going to matter and here's why... You won't connect to anyone right out with a bad connection, but people will connect to you because they are using any.  Next host migration and presto you have massive lag.

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        Ahhhh, good point.  Then I think all BEST setting players should be matched together as well as NORMAL matched with NORMAL and ANY matched with ANY.  Would that work?  Might take a long time to find a game however.

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    Lag comp is there when it's needed, and is solely based on the hosts relationship with everyone else in the lobby. This changes constantly, but the more people that come and go will greatly increase complications with lag comp

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    please please please simply read this


    https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking#Lag_compe nsation


    can we stop now please!?