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Lightweight Overpowered


I'm not sure if its just me but people who use lightweight and extreme conditioning seem to be able to outrum claymores and betty's and its virtually impossible to track them with your gun. Please fix this.

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    I use these and I was wondering about it.  I've noticed a couple times that I've managed to outrun bettys and claymores, but there have been times I havnt.  When I asked some friends of mine if they had similar experiences they said no, and that more than likely those devices were not placed well.  I would suggest that you experiment with your placement.


    As for the aim thing, yes there have been a few times they got me because of this, but a 7% increase in movement speed is not overpowered.  I just except that my aim was poor when I died and move on.

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    MLCing is back in effect. My problem has been and always will be. If you are able to move that fast, there should be a drawback. The only one is less health. I mean... You are foregoing body armor to feel lighter... Right? What else you could weigh you down?

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    Yeah even at 14 sensitivity I feel its not fast enough to follow someone if ADSing. Kinda nuts. I know i have the ability to let go of ADS and reaquire but it just seems weird that they can run that fast.

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      Does extreme conditioning make you run faster too? Ive been using lightweight but I sure cant outrun bettys or claymores. I use it so I can jump out windows.


      And I run on 10, I dont have a problem tracking people. Your sensitivity's too low. move it up a couple play for a while, move it up some more, play for a while until you cant handle it anymore. It will feel really twitchy at first but you should get used to it. There will be a point where you just cant do it anymore though. For instance I tried a few games on 14 and I just couldnt manage it.

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      I ADS all the time, I guess from years of playing FPSs with ADS Im just used to going in and out of it. Aim shoot, let go, run, aim shoot, let go, someones shooting you in the back, let go turn, aim shoot etc. after a while it just becomes automatic, I dont even think about it to the point where I cant really shoot while not ADS. I have to make a conscious effort to hip fire on people and its still hard for me.

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    all I hear is ..........

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    Its impossible to track them??? try turning up your sensitivity.