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Patch 1.03 has ruined my game!!! (lag comp and matchmaking)

My KDR has dropped from 2.4 to 2.00. I have played about 6 hours since the patch and I have gone from getting VTOLs and stealth choppers consistantly to being lucky to get a lightning strike.


In MW3 (because of my 35meg connection) i got host all the time and had horrible lag compensation (delay over laggers and a frame rate drop) but before 1.03, black ops was quite reasonable. I would sometimes get host but then next game someone else might. Since the patch, I am constantly shooting at people in the back, getting 3 hits on them before they begin shooting and the moment they begin, I get raped even though I had a 3 shot head start... They have clearly changed the lag compensation mechanics and it is now far too aggressive,


As well as that, the 'best' search preference no longer works. I have not had one local (UK) lobby in all the time played since patch (before it worked a treat, nearly always putting me with players no further than 300 miles of me).


This is disgusting.. How can they bring out an update that destroys such simple processes? Are these people complete amateurs???

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    I totally agree with you this game is getting wrecked very fast.  But be advised you will get flamed like no other for making a true statement about the game.  My biggest problem is that because someone either A. Paren't won't buy good internet or you live in a foreign country with crap internet or B. Work a crap job and can't afford good internet, doesn't mean that I should be affected by lag compensation because of you.  I am so sick of games introducing lag compensation and going overboard with it and screwing people with good connections over.  Activision along with Treyarch are gonna bury this franchise with the way this game is being treated.  I went from a 2.3 down to a 1.9 over the last few hours of playing since this patch came out so I know how you feel.  I still use the same setup MTar, Flak Jacket, Scavenger, Dead Silence, but all of the sudden it doesn't kill people anymore.

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      The generic response is "lag compensation is in all games"


      No it is not. Yes there are forms of it to stablise the communication but not like this.


      There was nothing like this in MW2. In that game, like traditional MP games, a good connection would get and keep host (providing a stable connection for the lobby), and the by-product of this: the host player would have a no-lag experience cos the game is being played on their machine. This is a natural by-product of P2P gaming. Even with Dedicated servers, those closest to server and/or with the best connection, will have an advantage. That is just the way it works.


      Trying to develop solutions to this is pointless as there is no soluiton. No matter how fast internet is, there will always be a delay so trying to create a solution to make things fairer (that cannot be created) will only punish those who should not be.


      Its ridiculous. MW2 and all COD games before it had it spot on...

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    I've been having the same experience since the 1.03 patch. Before, using the "best" connection setting would always put me in good lobbies, 4 bars, limited lag and with spanish people (where I'm from). Now most of the time its 3 bars and lots of lags with germans, french, dutchs, italians...


    They broke the matchmaking pretty badly  with that 1.03.

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    This game is complete garbage for multiplayer.  I've got video's from my iPhone where I round a corner, empty a clip into someone and I die...followed by the kill cam where it looks like I never even pulled the trigger.  Treyarch completely broke this game for PS3 multi. 


    I have 25 down / 10 up with <50ms ping with my system setup in a DMZ with Open NAT and in order to make the gamplay slightly better, I actually went back to using my wireless connection (instead of hardline) and forced my router to only broadcast wireless B, so that my connection was worse....seriously.  What kind of crap is that?

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    So matchmaking is truly messed up for everyone. I think they should do the double xp weekend again considering they brought out a patch that killed the game on the same weekend...