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  • 30. Re: K/D ratio Bo, MW3, BO2.. whats yours?

    Black ops         1.70

    Mw3.               1.61

    Black ops 2.     1.19

  • 31. Re: K/D ratio Bo, MW3, BO2.. whats yours?

    What I have noticed if you were good in black ops your k/d will be.pretty close to half for bo2.  Bo 1.80 bo2 0.90 :( too much bs..

  • 32. Re: K/D ratio Bo, MW3, BO2.. whats yours?

    I was in the same boat as you on BO1; I think maybe closer to 0.7 but whatever.  If my team wins the game I'm happy, if we lose while I go 23-7 I'm upset.


    MW3 I have no idea; I maybe played 2 hours total on that one before I gave up.  I'm afraid to look on BO2 but it feels like I should be around a 1 so far.

  • 33. Re: K/D ratio Bo, MW3, BO2.. whats yours?

    Black Ops 1 -1.94

    MW3- 2.12

    Black Ops 2 - 1.41


    I always lock in and shoot first..im a rusher and have very good reflexes but my bullets dont count cause of the lag, lag compensation, whatever. My accuracy is 20% which means most of my bullets aren't even counting cause im behind in the game. My SPM is decent being over 400. This morning I was taking over every lobby like i would normall do..tonite, all lag and barely could go positive in the lobby even against below average players.


    Getting really tired of dealing with this bullshit.

  • 34. Re: K/D ratio Bo, MW3, BO2.. whats yours?

    Black Ops (1) - 0.85

    MW3 - 1.10

    Black Ops (2) - 1.06


    All editions of the game I've mainly played Ground War meaning lots of Domination which is the reason behind the lowish K/D's.


    What I find funniest out of those stats of mine is I actually enjoyed Black Ops 1 the most out of the 3 games. MW3 was awesome because finding my clan and some of the other players I teamed up with was great but Black Ops 1 just constantly had me laughing and having fun.


    Black Ops 2 though...hmm, just doesn't have the soul that BO1 had. I'll still be playing it an insane amount but I certainly won't enjoy it anywhere near as much as the last 2 releases.

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    Not necessarily I have a friend who has a low personal kdr but his team kdr is awesome because in mw3 if he was losing he shut down his ps3 so that it wouldn't count towards his losses lol

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    My K/D ratio is better in BO2 believe it or not. In BO1 it was just under 1 exactly. Though like someone else mentioned on here, I tend to not only stay in games that I am completely outgunned by clans or groups, but I will stay in the lobby and continue to play against these preset teams, and continue to get destroyed by better and more organised players.


    Well I brought that experience into the first few days of BO2. Though i can't play it now, and the first few matches started off terribly for me, I found my footing, unlocked a few great guns, and proceeded to rack up my K/D ratio. Though I do not know what it is as I cannot access the servers anymore, I was for sure in the positive. At least 1.1...still not good compared to some of you though, but I have fun

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    Cracks me up when people who run around like an idiot consider any other play style as camping.


    You should come play hardcore capture the flag with the big boys so we can all laugh at you.

  • 38. Re: K/D ratio Bo, MW3, BO2.. whats yours?

    Black Ops: 3.23


    MW3: 2.40


    Black Ops 2: Pending, cuz I reset all stats and refuse to play again until they fix all lag and hit detection issues.


    Which kind of sucks cuz I did manage to get 12 VTOL Warships.

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    COD 4  1.02

    WAW    1.55

    MW2     2.15

    BO        2.20

    MW3     2.25

    BO2      1.64    and dropping



    Love all the stuff they have done with the game, but the LAG COMP makes it unplayable.  On 2nd prestige and I will not prestige again and probably not play it unless it gets fixed.