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virgin Media Superhub Users and Lag


This game hates my connection. It wasn't much better on MW3. Any other superhub

users have the same lag problem?



For those who don't suffer the dreaded lag issues who is your ISP?

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    also getting screwed by virgin media, 50MB becomes 5MB when i start playing CoD, unless its after 2pm then i get a whopping 2MB if im lucky.

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    I'm not sure how BOPs 2 runs but if it's on the peer to peer system then virgin shapes P2P traffic a lot.

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      all the CoD franchise use P2P as there are too many players for hosted servers, so yea virgin do restrict P2P traffic heavily.


      im still waiting for an ISP to step up and actualy offer a universal Gaming connection that is not gonna choke up as i play....


      just read through VMs traffic regulations, i can kinda see it from their point of view... the traffic throttleing that affects CoD is partly CoDs fault, WoW players had issues with throttleing as the systems in place could not tell the difference between game data and torrent data. so blizzard and VM set into place a system that recognises specific WoW packets by their header and does not throttle them, although VM have tried to contact Treyarch, they have yet to successfuly instigate an agreement that would see less trottling on CoD packets. so its kinda up to Treyarch to respond to VM and set things in motion

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    i have a virgin media super hub 20mb connection and i have had no issue whatsoever.


    wierd or wireless i allways seem to have a pretty good connection.


    alltho on a side note virgin are shite anyways my internet is allways going down for no reason. i call the support and they seem to think my internet is 100% fine .. morons.. if i wasnt locked into a deal with them id be with sky.

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      i signed up for the 50Mb as soon as it became avaliable, its been hugely inconsistant since... although my contract ran out over a year ago ive been too lazy to upgrade (didnt like BO1 or MW3 enough to investigate)  concidering im enjoying BO2 significantly more im gonna be changing supplyer.


      when i got the 50Mb it was entirely for playing MW2, and at the time had very little traffic shaping. BL1 was laggy as hell due to the trafic shaping, MW3 was unplayable for most of the day and im finding that i cant even play a half decent match at 6am with BL2.


      im gonna do a bit more investigating into the legalitys of virgins highly restrictive policys, as i have been informed that as well as having heavy traffic shaping, heavy usage will result in speeds being halved, it would apear that they class gaming as heavy usage.

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    I have no problems with superhub on MW3 or BLOPS2.    


    Doesn't mean I am happy with virgin. When my internet goes down they want to check my wireless settings depsite having nothing connected wirelessly.