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I have got over 100 takedowns with the FHJ-18aa but It still says I haven't reached level 1 in fact the level bar has no colour at all so what do you have to do to rank up this launcher 

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    It's broken. Is/was a topic about earlierer and is passed to developers

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    I have somewhere close to 500 and up to Skulls unlocked, and my bar sat at nothing until last night when it went up to 2. LOL


    I hope they fix this...Oh, and not only that, but give us the credit due.

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      Im gonna post in all the topics, seeing that they say it was fixed, but it is not! im stuck at 60% for days now, and got the gold camo unlock. I even use my build with only that wapen in the hope i see a blib of xp going up.. but nothing.