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Add on Content vs Downloadable Content

While I was waiting for my Wii U to finish updating, I was looking at the boxes of the games that I got. In particular,  I noticed that on the box for New Super Mario Bros U on the back by "Nintendo Network" it says downloadable content and I noticed that on the black ops 2 box it says add on content. I just thought it was interesting and I wanted to share it with you guys. Do you think there's a difference between the 2?

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    Maybe add on content is free and dlc you need to pay for?

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    From what I understand downloadable content is extra content that you are able to purchase and then download where as add on content, is already stored on the disc and is unlockable through payment. EA is pretty famous for this.

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    same thing, different name.....


    Or you can look at it this way....


    Add on content is adding on to the game(more maps being added to BO2, as an example....)


    Downloadable content is whole new levels being added(like having a new world in New super mario bros, etc.)





    You mispelled "acitivison is pretty famous for making their costumers pay for stuff that's already on the disk and EA is famous for trying to take over the world with the EA network thing that even infected the Wii. Report system, gamertags. It was all on the wii. Thanks to EA. And exclusive to EA games...."