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Can't hear enemies?!?!


Does anyone else have this problem or have noticed that enemy players make virtually no footstep sounds anymore? Before you could hear people walking up behind you in close proximity or up stairs and players running past. But in Bo2, the sound is non existant! I run my T.V through my music production sound board so trust me when I get a very clear sound signal and even tried my monitoring headphones. The other sounds like reloading and pulling a grenade pin etc is there, just the footsteps. Or does everyone run around with elevator shoes on?

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    Agreed. I have had to turn off ALL the "music" in game and turn down the chat to hear the footsteps. They are there but you have to really try hard to hear them. Now that being stated you can use the perk that increases the footstep sound.

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    ya i noticed it also. I have a turtle beach headset and I can hear them clearly on mw3 and can tell which direction they are coming from. I have not noticed any sounds of walking or running i just all of a sudden die from behind.

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    Can't here nothing either, not even with Awareness. Maybe i just got used to the "stomping elephants" which you got in MW3 with Sit Rep Pro. Playing with a home theater system too so i cannot use a preset to hear something like you maybe can with a good headset.