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Double Xp **** YOU

So pissed. Set u 2 tv's and everything for 24H of black ops. This **** game is unplayable for us because of the crap connections.



**** this ****. So done with this ******* franchise!

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    I mean how can these servers be so crap. How can you sell this. I cant play normal. Everything if ******. During the day it was ok, but now ..... And ofcourse you die for the most crappy reason because of this ****. Patch this game! Would DEV's read this. The whole forum is full of this kind of posts. But this is the same om MW3 forums. Never fixed either. Damn

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    Activision and Treyarch are laughing all the way to the bank.


    $500 million in one 24 hour period.


    Broken game? Doesn't matter, they got paid!!!

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    Get better internet.

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    dont play core the servers overload on the weekends, its first week of release get over it, with all the losers complaining its the worst game ever it will soon thin out and the servers will be back to normal.


    and download speed means nothing everyone gets the same data at the same time its ping or latency that matters or how fast you get a reply from the server