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I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the best CoD ever!


Uh, when I started to play BO2 I was so ****** off!

I could not kill anyone, everything seemed to be "unplayable". Walking was like walking throug jelly. Aiming lasts for hours. Killing?

100 hits to kill someone...


It´s been a mess to understand the new class-editor, perks and attachements....


Now, after a bit more than 10 hours playing TDM and DOM, I´ve changed my mind completely!!!


While I was able to create almost deadly multi-tasking classes in MW3 to handle nearly every situation, you need to make comprises in BO2 - and that´s really fine for the gameplay!

It means: More teamplay! Especially in DOM!


While I was shooting down any airstrike in MW3, I did not even try to shoot them in BO2 - because it´s nearly impossible and unnessesary!


Weapons need to be leveled up, you need the best fitting attachments to make it work like you need/want it!

Really a great invention, that a part of "Stalker Pro" moved to weapon-attachments (adjustable shaft) and so on!


Another great thing is "Fire-Mode" to make a gun shoot automic or semi-automatic!

Despite - Most Single-Shot-Guns really become Deathmachines in automatic mode!

Automatic-Rifles sometimes need "Full-Metal-Jacket" to reach their peak!

It always costs you 1 to 2 points out of 10!


When I started BO2 in online-gaming, I made the failure to start with DOM!

It´s been an failure, because in DOM you are too busy with the map, your teammates, the flag-positions, hideouts... you won´t get used to your guns in fact!!

So I decided to go and play TDM or Free-for-All just to try different weapons - and improving my killing-abilities ;o)


Finally I´m back on my stats and skill that I´ve reached in MW3, BO, and MW2!


It´s been right to give a little time to the new CoD! (I really wanted to sell it after the first day!!)


Be fair - don´t bash it anymore! They´ve done a great job finally! You´ll see!