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Looking for a ps3 mature uk based clan

As the title says really, if anyone could point me in direction of one that would be great :D

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    FRAGOUT!ENTERTAINMENT is where you wanna be! We are a PS3 multi game clan that would be more than happy to accommodate a player of your level. We have a great new website that we take applications through. Apply here http://fragout.enjin.com/recruitment.


    Organised mature clan!

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    I'm in a clan called Renegade Elite we are a UK and USA besed clan but we currently have more UK members atm. We don't do clan practices every week in private matches, we don't use templated messages to recruit people, we just look for people who are looking to join a clan that are mature and active.


    If your interested all we ask you to do is register on our site and intrdouce yourself so other members can add you, our site is htpp://renegadeeliteclan.org and if you need help with anything my PSN: B-I-G-DEVIL