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Missing out on Double XP weekend

As many PS3 users, including myself, are struggling to even get into a game how can we participate in the double XP weekend which treyarch promised us .


Yesterday the game was working "ok" but now whenever I press 'play online' it says the servers are not working.. Really frustrating and now we will miss out on double XP.

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    The multiplayer aspect appears to be functioning. This might be a temporary location based issue. Either way based on the conversations I've been having with Activision customer support, additional double xp will be implimented to make up for the server issues.


    To be honest I've never understood why they launch a game on Tuesday, and always do double xp straight away when they have these issues year on year.

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    This is frustrating and since it was a "perk" that we purchased when pre-ordering our games, I hope they save face somehow.