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Calling Treyarch/Activision for a Refund.

This game is unnacceptable.. so much that i have decided to sell my ps3 and move to Xbox. because i really feel that Xbox is the superior console. Ive fell for this 3x now. This was the final straw that broke this camels back. Who would i contact? And do you think id get all my money back.. Regardless of them saying they are going to fix it. Im done with COD... and the servers that of PSN..


And apparently the call center is CLOSED due to high volume of calls.. "Please reach us by Email" what the **** ever..


And before i get trolled or whatever.. ever since Monday.. Ive been iffy with this game.. and if you are going to come to my thread.. and say something like.. "relax its just a game" I realize that.... ITS JUST A GAME that i paid 84 dollars to just stare at the Lobby.. and i might as well get a tac insertion out and let the opposing team kill me.. because EVERY match im in, is a lag fest.. NO hits register... oh wait.. they do on my screen.. but when i watch the Killcam.. NO bullets ever hit.


I advise everyone to call and try and get their money back.. DO NOT encourage lazy developement.. and thats exactly what this was.

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    Abit over the top surely??

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    I already called up Infinity Ward just to tell them BO II is being played while their piece of s-h-i-t is gathering dust in the corner.

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    I haven't had a serious problem since I started playing Tuesday night.

    Guess it's just me.

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      All games on all consoles and PC have issues at first for multiplayer. I don't think you can avoid that.

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        You can with a beta test, but I am guessing with the limited time they have from activision to get these games out there isn't time for that.

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          No I think there is but a major blockbuster like CoD can lose a lot of sales from negative reviews of the beta test.


          The game at core is AWESOME (MP at least NOT Zombies) but you're right with other aspects of the development. Trying to appeal to admit larger but lowest common denominator market has to an extent caused more problems. Most of us can't or won't pay for high end Internet just for a game. CoD is so huge because 80% if not a lot more are casual gamers and so only have DLS or something and some with crappy DLS. That said I don't understand for one why they need to compensate for lag, let the game play out and also why does it even have to be such a huge problem? I mean all the data ias on your PS3, the host PS3 is simply telling the other PS3 where the characters are and what they are doing. You figure they could right their code to make the packets as small as possible so that the excess information does clog data and cause delays.


          I ran into a lag problem last night.... thankfully it's only happened once.

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    You didn't buy the game from Treyarch/Activision.  Since they didn't take your money in the first place, asking them for a refund is a bit silly.  Complain to them if you wish, but at least make your criticisms productive (this is what should have been done and how it could have helped the situation).

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      first of all.. WHAT could have been done.. is testing all this crap out before they released, and excuse me.. for not wanting my money back for paying for a game that i really wanted to play.. ( payed and just staring at lobby menus) ok this is the best game ever.. i like how everyone says.. "oh its just the begginning phases to a game, all games have this problem" no not like this.. I remember BO1 it did not freeze my ps3, yeah server were shut down for a while.. but they fixed it.. yes they say they are going to fix it.. but my mind is already made up.. and its too late..

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        Here's what that piece of shite does so far...


        Can't redeem my hardened edition code

        Can't get in a game - connection error

        Give me a strict Nat Type - YES I am already in a DMZ

        Locked up my PS3

        Controller gone tits-up and I can't run or do other stuff

        When I turn off my PS3 it turns itself back on again


        I have paid good money for BO2 and for what? To rant and rave and feel like smashing up my whole set-up?


        WHY release a game that obvious isn't ready?





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    I don't blame you. I imagine the UK brethren are going to be all over this. They usually wind up in articles and news for crap like this happening.

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    3 games and seriously you blame lag and PSN servers? maybe it is you or your interent. the engine ever since COD4 has never registered hits on killcam EVER. this is COD 1 bullet and your dead, you never feel the other 20 that hit you first. first few weeks is stress testing no equipment in the world can bear sooooooo many ppl all at once.


    seriously its the first week, let them do some patches if its not better within 3 months they you have a right. you can only do what is possible with in house testers no game this generation has been without its flaws. think of it this way at least its not an EA product.

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      and its people like you who are CONTENT with absolute crap..


      a song comes to mind... "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT"

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        YEAH!  I am calling Sony now to see if I can get a refund on my ps3 as well! 


        We're not gonna take it, no we aint gonna take it, we're not gonna take it anymore!


        For real though, I blow $60 going to see a turd of a movie, so even moh with the weak campaign and online I didn't really like was sort of worth it...  It was better than seeing Snow White and the Huntsman in 3d.  We are on that level man.

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          $60 for a movie lmao? Where the heck do you live? A 3d movie here is $12 a person, and if I want a drink I simply sneak in a soda can in my coat pocket lol.


          Anyways I agree these issues are really starting to tick me off(namely the lockups 10 times a day when trying to play in a party and lag compensation). I have never been on the verge of wanting to return a game before and I went through some shitty launches in MMO's. However at least I was able to play those, and it wasn't locking up and possibly damaging my equipment/save games all the time. On other PS3 launches I have never had these kind of issues either. A patch needs to be released ASAP, there should have been a hotfix for the lockups yesterday. Also you cannot blaim this on Sony at all, it is completely up to Treyarch to fix the game and has nothing to do with Sony. I have played a few other launches of games on PS3 and never had issues.

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            Ok...  Assuming I was like you and a young adult male, still living in my mother's basement, and too cheap to buy a drink at a 3d movie aimed at tweens... This would be a gross over exaggeration.  That is not the case though, so to correct your flawed equation, I am married with children and buying popcorn and drinks at the movies is something I do.  I did find the mental image of a little rubber boy sneaking a coke into Snow White and Huntsman funny though, so thank you for that...

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    There are a ton of other shooters out there you can play.. example: BF3 has a lot less issues and is a great game and PS3 users get content early.  You may want to start there.

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    If you want a refund you need to contact the store you bought it from and explain its unplayable and you want a refund.


    If the game has broke your console you need to contact there legal department and explain to them the issue and also have your old console maybe the game to hand as they will need to more then likely have sony inspect the console to make sure it was the game that broke the console not the console itself or any other underlying issue's.


    so the answer to your qustions yes you can get a refund and maybe they will have to reemburse you for the broken console but you have to do things the right way and go legal.


    Talk to a solicitor and they will take your claim on and contact activision and start the legal proceedings.


    Just a warning they will more then likely try to fob you off, So make sure you ask for there name, ext number or work number or colluege number to identify the people you talk to before telling them your issues. Also be polite no matter if they hang up on you or if they get shitty with you.


    If that happens contact osbasma or soemthing like that to file a complaint on there customer service they will get a fine and made to give you and everyone else that happened to them an appolagy

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    I do not think you are over the top for being angry and demanding a refund... but you are barking up the wrong tree.


    You did not buy the game from 3ARC

    You did not buy the game from AV

    You did not buy the PS3 from Sony


    That would be like going to a dealership, buying a car.. and when it breaks down going the Ford motor company and asking for a refund.


    They will take your complaints, and direct you back to the dealership.

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    I do not understand why you would even buy the game in the first place especially come first release if you know what happens whenever Activision bring out a new COD game..


    Yes, Activision/Treyarch/Infinity Ward fail to bring out betas - I don't blame you.

    Yes, the servers are a **** storm of fail atm - again I don't blame you.


    What I do blame you for is having known beforehand all the factors of a new release COD game and still buying it and then complaining, and to the wrong people I might add, you sir are just asking for misery.

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    I want a refund as well. Worst 60 dollars I've ever spent. 1st and last COD I'll ever buy.

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    yeah, im also going to sell my PS3 because black ops 2 is crap

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    Lag comp is out of control for me too.  I can't buy a kill with an entire clip.  The game is garbage.  Bad visuals.  Bad sound.  Unplayable.  Just a joke...

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    Totaly agree doom, except for the PS3 part, friends of mine play on the xbox experience the same problems.

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    I don't think you'll be missed here. 

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    I will buy your ps3's just email me at lucseven7@yahoo.com $60 a pop

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    well thing is every system is having the same problem thats point one another point is every game that comes out as a online game is majorly flawed when first released no game iv ever played had no bugs at all its wishful thinking but sadly impossible.


    another thing you can pretty much only get a refund from where you bought it they cant be held accountable for that since the store was the one who accepted your money.


    all we can do is just wait for a patch to comeo out and fix it like every other game.

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    this game sucks big time in PS3 and they are not doing anything!!!!! the hell to thus developers!!!

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    Lol, of course connectivity was going to be horrendous the first 2 days after launch. $500 million worth of people were trying to play all at the same time. Don't cut your wrists or sell your mom into slavery or anything drastic. It's already very improved from 48 hours ago.




    I bet you also say that every time you die, the other person was camping.