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Farewell MW3, it's been...


On my closing notes, I'd like to thank IW for a great looking game. Unfortunately, the game was very frustrating and hard to play at times. I did put a lot more time into it then I thought I would. Would also like to thank all in the community here who helped me along the way, and hope to see you again in the Blops forums. Overall satisfaction with MW3 was: middle of the road. Not great, not terrible. Basically just another game.


What are your thoughts of MW3 if you too are leaving to start your Black Ops 2 life?


Happy gaming everyone!

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    I put way more of my life into it than I should have.  Though it is no one's fault but my own, I am excited to see it go.  Get out of here MW3.  Hello BOPS2.  (but I will keep the disc for when I get bored of BOPS2 so I can return to my little gem, and realize it's even more hacked than ever, write activision and get told "nah we don't really regulate that anymore, nobody cares about it" and then realize why I felt this way - no more nostalgia, just moving forward.  Jeez laroo nothing will ever be the same again)

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    ya same here im done with MW3, i did put ALOT of time into it...for my part i cannot say i hated the game, i really loved it, i mean i was really excited about the whole mw3/elite thing, i created my clan and stuff and we are lvl 47 almost 50, i was really into it but its time to put it in sleep mode with my other games, its time to start fresh for BO2!

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    yeah, it's been a great game.  the only thing i didn't like was the  constant recon!  well, that, and the elite playlists (with no tdm?).

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    It was a long and hard faught battle till the very end. i put more time and effort than i should have. But i made some great battle buddies due to the clan addition this game. So thats the best thing i got from it all. I doubt ill ever put this disk in again....


         Its now in my shelf with every other COD before it. Good game overall tho

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    first, there is not BO2 "life" for me. after BO and MW3, there is no way i'm buying it unless i see it is INCREDIBLY AMAZING! which, i'm not seeing so far.


    as for MW3.. well. one out of every 10 games was fun. i guess i kept playing through the misery just to get that ONE great game. i won't sit here and reiterate why i didn't like it. i think we all know. i had some fun. it was aight. that's about all i can say about it, really.


    i'm bummed becuase there was nothing i used to do more with what little free time i had than to sit and chill out with the PS3 and COD. now i gotta find another game to play!

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    I decided not to buy Black Ops 2 and I am glad that I didn't get it, just from reading the forums over on the BOPS2 site and seeing all the hard crash issues and that a lot of people can't even get on to play the multi-player. I decided that I'd hang on to MW3 but also decided to give Battlefield 3 a try. It's incredibly frustrating so far, but it's a nice switch, just really hard if you don't know anyone to play with because if you go to a random game/server you just get stuck with a bunch of max level guys who destroy you all day long.

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    I am quite dissapointed in the sound quality of BOPS2, also difficult to create a class. Perhaps because it is all new - I will have to get used to it.