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    Just did. I'd be using steam for my games but my net speed is pretty crap too. :-\

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    Even if you got your copy today from amazon (if anyone did), say you didnt n get your postage back !!

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    Hey if i wanted to go out tomorrow morning and pick up my parcel where do i go the post office or what ?

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    Your local sorting office>


    A few tips for you all if your game hasnt come and you`ve been told its shopped via RM - your 99% certain to get the game 2moro, BUT wednesday is a very bad usually, especially now with xmas pressure starting,so certain places will get their mail nearer teatime, and probably no one will get it before 10am. You CAN arrange by a quick call to go to your local delivery office and pick your mail up (dont 4get ID!!), I wouldnt ring before 8AM though, as mails still being sorted at that stage, and the packets are the last things to get prepped, so your item may be there, just not not in the slot where your mail goes. Dont ring after 9am though, as some guys will be bagging up by then, and some awkward posties refuse to undo bundled mail.  Just give them a tinkle, make sure its YOUR local delivery office and not HQ, and say your awaiting a very important item from amazon, can they check for you if its there yet, and if you wish, can you go to pick it up- the postie will be glad that your collecting and 100% will give you the rest of your mail too!! 1 less house to go too!

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    call them via phone how do i get there number and are there sorting places just in big towns or are they all over the place?

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    My hardened edition from Amazon came on saturday, which was nice.

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    i dont usually get my normal mail untill 1 on a normal day so tomorrow it wont be till like 2 .....

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    All over the place, depends where you live. Most offices cover like a 10-20 mile radius dependent on the office size. Our office covers a 2-3 mile radius, and just cover 1 postcode.


    PM me your postcode and i`ll have a lok for you.

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