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Loving this lol


I am so enjoying these complaining threads. Super Funny Anybody else???

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    They need to move most of them to Technical support.

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    Been like this all day long... 


    No one is giving the game a chance and just running here to complain about every little thing.  I will get my game soon, and I won't be on here complaining about it.  I'll be playing, I will be playing Zombies, I will be playing Combat Training, I will try out Private Matches with buddies.  But I am going to wait until more people get the game before jumping into MP. 

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      let me tell ya, i played for 3 hours last night, and these guys are just cry babies. I didnt see anything thses players are whining about.. alot of them are prob just 1.0  or less players that were 3.0 kd players in mw3, but arent now because they cant spawn kill anymore

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    I picked it up about an hour ago, so far so good, multiplayer online play seems pretty smooth and lag free so far

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      Not really, played 1 game online and got suck with laggers, 1 mag in the body and they do 180° and kill me with a perfect aim. But I'm not going draw conclusions for the whole game on 1 match as the next match during loading the game froze up, just saying there still is lag.

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    Its only the first day. they are all working on the game.l it only laging and freezing maybe cuz lost of people got it and stuff. Well i am geting the game this week dont always get it on the day because there will be some problems on the first day.