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Hard Freezes are back...

Game froze three times already.. twice on while lauching map and once at the end of game....


In zombies mode, audio got corrupted twice.... just like she cha ceh cha cse sha cha cha ... if u quit the zombie game.. then no audio at all while browsing menus. the only way to get audio back is to  get back all the way to the main menu where u select one of the three modes[campaign, zombies, mp]

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    Got an audio corruption while playing multiplayer too.

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    yeah me 2 when i start bo2 Its freezes on Activion And some time on The Loading Screen

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    Yep i have had mine hang 4 times. 3 times whilst playing Zombies.


    Also had the audio issue once aswell.

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    2 Years to develop this game, yet people are having these issues again! Anyone with a good ping / net go online? How is hosting?


    They did fix,  I mean lessen the freezing 3 months in with blops...

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      Played MP to lvl 34 already, about 7hrs played now, no freezes so far. Maybe installing textures help ? I did this before playing.


      8 of 10 times decent connections with no or very little lagging while on TDM with only about 20K online on that playlist. Even got a few good games on KC with less than 2K online, as far i can tell i got host once so far (could see it after the first host rage quit) and i was not punished with lag or stutter, time will tell if it was a fluke. Maybe i got host more often but cannot notice it like in MW3. Playing on a 4bar against 3bars still sometimes seems disadvantageous, and splitscreeners have some lagvantage.


      I'm hopefull things will better when the player pool drastically increases and there are more people online near me with decent connections so u get lobbies with 4 bars only. I already was matched to my region properly in many cases despite low player amount. So far it has been mostly fun with not that many frustrating WFT-shootfirstdiefirst situations which was the only constant in MW3.


      I like this game more than the almighty CoD4, if the connectivity slightly improves when the masses get online, to me to it will be the best CoD to date... Oh well atleast these are my first impressions.

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    Hopefully when I get my copy tomorrow it won't be so problematic.

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    Its been out not even a day, give it a week and i bet the corruptions will be mostly fixed.

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      I just find it funny though. You think there would be one time, just one time a developer would release a game that didn't need patched or fixed at launch, but this is the world we are in now. All too often they release unfinished products. There should be absolutely no excuse for any issues like the game freezing at launch after they've had so much time to work on it and test it. Ridiculous. One of these days the consumers will finally stop being sheep and stop turning out in millions for launch day/night and make these companies give them a solid, quality finished product at release, not some crap that has to be fixed right off the get go.