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PS3 Black Ops2 Clan - The Legendary Lions - UK/EU recruiting Adults Age 25+

The Legendary Lions.


Join at http://www.thelegendarylions.co.uk/


An established Call of Duty Clan for Mature Gamers that are 25+ on the PS3 platform.



Currently we play MW3 and shortly Black Ops II



We are a firm but fair clan without ranks.



We are looking for players that are intelligent, aware and willing to die for the cause.



The needs of the many will always outweigh the needs of the few.



We play the objective and we play to win.



Most of all we are here to help each other grow, improve and enjoy the game.



PS3 - COD - UK


(Partner Clan playing BF3 and MoH - MogzOfWar.co.uk)