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I Need a Clan, Good Team player 1.74 TDM K/D for ps3

Hello Guys,


Im looking for an active clan who plays everyday, has good players, take the game seriously, team players K/D 1.5+


Im 26yrs old married.

play over 5-6 hours daily. "can play overnight"

Good team player

Blackops K/D 1.72

MW3 overall K/D 1.54 its low cuz i play Infected a lot.
Battlefield bad company 2 K/D 1.65

I have a Mic.


"Im getting Blackops2 midnight release at Gamestop."


Im from Miami. Lets go HEAT!


Love playing Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination but i play everything.


Favorite Gun ARC 6.8 and p90


Currently playing MW3 but looking Clan for both mw3 and blackops2


Username: Yuck_Fou_B1tch