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I have a problem with the sniper rifle mobility in this game.

I have a real problem with how overpowered they are making sniper rifles in this game. How can they say that the sniper rifle is just as fast as a smg? That makes no sense at all. I have always said sniper rifles should be the same speed as the lmg class. You figure a sniper rifle is about 25lbs without any ammo in it. Lets make a few comparisons between some of the guns from the lmg, smg, and sniper classes.

We will just say for this example all guns come with 2 clips

All the info for each gun is from wikipedia...


First the DSR-50 ......sniper rifle

22.71lbs empty

length 53.15 inches (over 4 foot long)

5 round clip  42grams per bullet

Total weight of 23.63lbs


MK48... light machine gun

18.26lbs empty

length 39.75 in ches (just over 3 feet)

100 round clip with 2 clips each bullet weight is 9.7grams

Total weight of 22.53lbs


Scar-H... .assault rifle

7.9lbs standard

30 round clip each bullet weight is 9.7grams

Total weight of  9.18lbs


Mp7 ... sub machine gun

2.65lbs empty

30 round clip 1.7grams per round

Total weight of 2.87lbs


So can someone please tell me how a person can run with a 23lbs gun that is over 4 foot long and be just as fast as someone running with a 3lb gun that is barly over 2 foot long at 25inches?


This is a shame.


I tell you what if you think I'm crazy you can test it yourself. Go get a 48 inch home weight lifting bar from walmart,com (link provided below) and put two 5 pound weights on it.and also go to the dollar store and buy a broom or mop and break it in half. Then run with each of them for 50 yards and try to point them straight forward. See what kind of results you get. I am guessing the weight lifting bar with two 5 pound weighs on it will be much harder to run with and handle in general.But I am no rocket scientist.




http://www.walmart.com/ip/Gold-s-Gym-5-ft.-Weight-Lifting-Bar/11089968?srccode=c ii_10043468&cpncode=31-49085275-2&adid=1500000000000036337750&veh=cse#Specificat ions