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A note to developers

Hello. I will keep this short and simple. I love to play CoD, and I love the series for what it is. I have rolled with the punches since MW2, Black Ops, and through to the horrific MW3. I have taken the good and the bad (most of which comes from the awful community playing the series), and seen the ugly.


I want my experience and the experience of others playing Black Ops 2 to be the most enjoyable experience possible; you, (Treyarch) have taken many great steps to assure this, while revamping the face of the game.  That said, there is one specific problem that has been notorious in CoD: Playing against other countries. I am tired of putting my search on locale only, and getting games as far out as Mexico, Brazil, and Germany; even Canada has enough lag/lag comp to determine a win or loss. While I believe TrueSkill matchmaking can fix this, I don't believe it will be enough.


I would like to see implemented a region lock system in matchmaking, one that will keep players' matchmaking restricted to their own shores. It would be beneficial to the community to be able to choose by country, region, even state/province who you want to play against. It can also help root out lag switchers, which became a major nuisance halfway through Black Ops' life cycle.


I just want to have fair matches with as little lag as possible. So please, take heed of my suggestion, it would be appreciated.

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    This. If anything take lag comp out as well, or at least nock it back to cod4/mw2 style.

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    Does anyone else want to weigh in? I believe the effectiveness of the local search and region lock would greatly improve matchmaking, and needs to be discussed.

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    Dude, I agree 100%, I pay for 12 meg and every time I connect to another country I get a 2 yellow bar connection and can not kill anyone, I am sick of lag compensation giving my enemies the benefit of the doubt in all situations, they said elite would help us connect together better, EPIC FAIL, and now they have made elite free , HA, like thats going to fix problem, Hey beachhead the problem just got 100 times bigger, I hope your ready.

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    In addition, I'm not sure if basing MM around Ping is the best idea; look what happened with MW2 and 3...

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      fallenshadow000 wrote:


      In addition, I'm not sure if basing MM around Ping is the best idea; look what happened with MW2 and 3...

      Your joking right? Do you understand how the internet works?


      Ping is exactly what match making should come down to.


      IW's incompetence was the reason for MW3's lag. Their match making was beyond pathetic.

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    It is not going to happen. They have allready said the game now just goes on ping alone and not by region or locale.


    Plus there is no reason to be hateful about players from other regions playing the game and getting matched up against you. That is just immature to comment in that manner and not really needed here or anywhere on these forums.

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      Excuse me for wanting my games to be based around skill, and not lag/shitty connection. Why should I have to suffer a loss because someone else likely got the game or their ISP through illicit means? THEY NEED TO STAY PUT, AND KEEP THEIR GAMES WITHIN THEIR BORDERS. Do you know how shitty the connections to Canada alone are? Imagine the lag you get from a place like Sweden!!!


      It's absolutely ridiculous, and for the record, MW3 worked perfectly fine for me to a point up until the region lock was lifted. I NEVER had those problems in Black Ops until a few months before MW3 came out (When most of the US player base started to filter out).