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Who Wants To Start A Black Ops 2 Fun-to-Play Clan?


I'm as much a "try-hard" gamer as the next but gaming is supposed to help releave whatever is wrong with you at home, at school, with your girl/guy, or just give you something to do. But some see gaming as an outlet for punishment of anyone that can't kill 20+ people per game or keep a decent K/D ratio. Yeah I've done well in most of the COD games, 1.0+ K/D ratio or better. But I want people who want to play for the fun of the game and not the thrill of beating down ever person who joined a lobby wanting to have fun. Yeah a word here and there isn't so bad, I guess its all in who you are really, but it shouldn't be a game of daggered tongues. I'm not a peace maker by any means, but I just want to be heard. COD happens to be one of my favorite outlets for pain, anger, loneliness and heartache, and most of the time something to kill endless hours of bordem. My friends and I have played MW2 for the last 2 days blowing each other up for the fun of it, same team and everything, laughing at every kill. Why make it so serious? That one simple mistake makes the person who did make the mistake feel so bad they get offline or just get angry right back and start a inner-team war. Richochet isn't always to protect you, it's there to remind you that everyone makes mistakes, just try to avoid the same one.


Okay im done ranting on and on and on about how I feel about playing games.


Whoever wants to join up and play some games for fun once BO2 comes out, or maybe even before than, the names XoNUKEx740oX --and please if you add me be 16+ I'm 20 I don't want to have to block a million people because im getting hate mail about talking to kids.