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Looking to join a clan!




I am looking to join a clan as I am bored of playing alone and I think I am able to work as a team and get good scores in games. I am not a kill whore, I am an objective player who likes to win thier games.


My W/L ratio is 56% and my best win streak is 92. I have been playing since MW3 came out and I am Prestige 2 LvL 80 as I do not prestige very much but I am thinking of prestiging again soon to challenge myself. I have a low K/D as I used to play a lot of infected but it was at 1.7, it is now at 1.33. I think kill to death ratio isn't as important as winning games is but always aim for a good amount of kills. My average domination game in a public lobby is about 25 kills to 10 deaths but I have reached upto 45+ kills in occasional games.


My choice of weapon has to be either the ACR silenced or the G36c silenced and i am available to play almost everyday at any time but mostly in the evenings. I do have a mic (turtle beach ftw!) and I live in the UK.


Thats all, thanks

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    BTW Looking to join at least a LvL 6 clan xD

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    Also... I play on PS3 but do have Xbox live but I don't have MW3 for it ;P

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    join zarq add me on xbox = v5tempahh and add me on skype lukewilbo we will discuss it on xbox or skype

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    Hay mate, you can trial with our clan if you want.


    We are a level 27 clan, with a 1.81 average player kd. We are looking for players to help improve our clan, your kd is pretty low compared to others in the clan but if you are a good objective player I can over look that.


    We only have 15 members, 12 whom are active and we also have a guy on trial with us this week, we are a semi competitive clan and have a small(ish) list of requirements for our players.


    Must be from the UK,

    Have and use a microphone,

    Be atleast 18 years old,

    Preferably a premium elite member,

    Active player (We play mainly 20:30-23:30 GMT),

    Be a team player who can listen and communicate well in public games and private matches against other clans, if we (Myself as leader and my clan mates decide) dont think you will help improve the clan we will not accept you.


    The first two weeks is seen as a trial and gives you and us a chance to decide whether you will fit in.

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    Clan Name: Iniquity Gaming [)IQ(]

    Clan Owner: IG-N9neLives

    Clan Co-Leaders: HipHop__Opotamus / Sensou-Ookami

    Clan Level: 19

    Clan Members: 58

    Clan Founders/Premiums: 14 Founders / 15 Prems

    Clan K/D: 1.23

    Clan Requirements:

    - Participate in Clan Ops if available.

    - Have a microphone.

    - Reliable and Dedicated

    - Over the age of 16.

    - Premium or Founder

    - KD over 1.00

    How to Join:

    - Apply to Iniquity Gaming via Elite Connect Search with your stats

    - Message IG-N9neLives on PSN with your stats.

    - https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2658731


    - 11 Consecutive Gold Streak

    - 10.00 Win/Loss Ratio while in a party with clan

    - 1/1 Third Tier finishes

    - YouTube channel ( Clan members gameplays uploaded and commentaries to come)

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    Started: 5/3/2012

    Clan Name: MU$K

    Golden Clantag: MU$K

    Roster: 30, 9 Premium

    Ratio: 1.09

    Level: 15 (789 clan xp from 16)

    We work together with tactics and strongholds towards victory, there are some lone wolf members included, but to the keen! Rising in leaderboards everyday, heading for the top blazing everyone in our path!

    We also like playing private 1v1 matches against each other, QS NS matches are calming to the mind, and relieve our stress for better playing later on.



    Now requirements are made to join MU$K because we have had to kick too many slackers previously. These are for new members; existing members are not subject to this.

    Before you join, you will need to have over a one-point-ten (1.05) Kill/Death ratio minimum; or a zero-point-ninety (0.85) ratio minimum With Premium.

    After you join, you will play in the first clan operation to seal the deal, and then at least one clan operation each weekend. (Pulling your weight to help us is necessary, because that is what clans are about.)

    To Join:

    Apply to our clan with the following link, (the apply option is upper right corner of our clan wall).


    Message puspuler on PS3

    Link: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/1182774

    Note: Applications will always be answered within 12hrs (maximum), other options may take 24hrs (minimum)
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    MUGU aka UMUG (Mug You, You Mug!)


    UK Based Clan been going since MW1


    Most have Mics, Always up for a laugh. Apply if you're interested, or add me to psn: whiterabbitdisco