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IW Caters to the Casual Player - Good Thing


To many people's dismay, Infinity Ward caters to the casual player with things such as deathstreaks, easy to use guns like the MP7 and ACR, and lethal Support Killstreaks.  I watch a lot of the top Youtubers who drop multiple MOABs complain about what they call "noobs" who use these things and why it ruins the game for them. 


However, I think they fail to realize that those very things that piss them off that keep the so called "noobs" from leaving the game and allow them to get their gameplays. 


What do you all think about this topic, is catering to the casual player good for the hardcore gamer who wants to dominate? 



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    Yeah, I agree with you right there... well, with the exception of certain deathstreaks (you know the ones) that are just a bit too cheap.  I've seen a lot of people complain about the fact that there are so many noob friendly aspects of this game and how often the "skilled" players are robbed of some killstreak because of a pair of FMG9s or some guy dropping a support stealth bomber etc. 


    They bemoan the fact that these low skilled players are able to get ostensibly undeserved kills on them with their OP weapons and cheap tactics. However, not one of these same complainers want to acknowledge the fact that the noobs should not be forced to play against guys with days and days of time logged on the game.  How is that fair to them? A guy on level one could be thrown right into the mix with some guy on his 10th prestige. 


    What these "skilled" players choose to overlook is that, if they were playing against guys on their own level, they wouldn't be getting these big scores and killstreaks every other game and I don't think they would like that. 


    Anytime I've seen a discussion about some sort of skill based system of matchmaking so many people start going on and on about how it wouldn't work and to just leave things as they are.  


    Personally, I think if they could find a way to pit similarly skilled players together it would lead to much closer and more exciting games and I hope at some point they do. However, if that doesn't happen then I'll carry on and not worry too much about some low level guy killing me in the middle of a hot streak because the developers gave him the tools to be just the bit more competitive with guys who've got a lot more experience

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    Yes of course it does...


    Nobody likes death streaks, corner campers etc... that is one thing... but leaving that alone for a sec...


    People fail to realize they their "KDs" (not talking about lag or anything here) are achieved by killing people of lesser skill.  If everyone who played had equal skill (barring lag, deathstreaks etc...) everyone would, in theory, have a KD of 1 (a lot of people do not think about that which baffles me).


    So... if the casual, lesser experienced+lesser skilled gamer were to give up and stop playing (I have some friends who admit they suck so they just do not play), you would see a drastic drop in everyone's KD (because the only people left in the game are your current average to above average players).


    e.g. If 9 people ran a 100 meter race and they each can run at the exact same speed... who wins?



    - This is why I never (well barely ever) yell at people for playing bad. It makes them realize that they could do better if they played better.

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    Would it not be cool if there was a choice?


    Like when playing a game in single player you could choose: novice, intermediate etc...


    So if you are low skilled and wish to improve you could go to a higher level and play with better players, but you cannot go backwards (e.g. if you have certain stats, you are forced to be in a certain minimum tier)


    Simple concept, likely hard to implement.

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    rlbl wrote:


    e.g. If 9 people ran a 100 meter race and they each can run at the exact same speed... who wins?


    The person with the fastest reaction time off the start

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    which is why everyone would have a KD of 1 (only in theory).


    In actualitly, some people would have a slight edge, so everyone would run with KDs slightly over 1, and slightly under 1

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    I'm all for anything that gives new players a chance to cut their teeth.  Choices are always better than no choice.  I liked that Halo 3 had the ranked/skill matchmaking so you were more likely to be playing against people close to your own level, but also had the social playlist where you could be playing against anyone irrespective of how good or bad they were.  I know there were people who abused the system, but my experiences were mostly positive with it. 


    I don't doubt that it wouldn't be straightforward to implement.  I don't know how effective it was, but didn't gears of war have a system whereby if you hadn't played multiplayer you got to access a novice multiplayer mode?.  Sounds not to dissimilar to your own suggestion.

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    But the top youtubers out their use the MP7 and ACR. I enjoy watching videos of people destroying with the M16A4. I've seen a few vids of people having incredible matches with that rifle. If only I can obtain that skill with the M16. But I enjoy vids of people that switch it up consistantly unless they're playing a competitve match against other top players in the world.


    The only Deathstreak I have an issue with is Deadmans hand. The others are fine. People that go into final stand are easy to kill. And the animation is easy to spot when they drop to final stand. The MP7 and ACR to me isn't anything that can't be countered with other weapons. So I'm actually fine with every weapon in the game and have been in every Call of Duty game.

    The only weapon I can recall in the CoD series that had a serious advantage when facing skilled players was the MP40 in World at War. So I would just counter them with the MP40 myself. Other than that the maps is what balanced that game out so you didn't have to use the damn MP40 all the time.

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    People don't understand that in reality they're not as good as they think they are. You'd be surprised how many people with 2+ K/Ds I've buried and made rage quit. I admit to doing the same

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    The person with the slowest internet connection

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