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Running speed decreasing while running?

Hi everyone! so ive been having this issue for about 8 months now where ill be running and suddenly it feels like im running through quick sand and my speed decreases, ive also had a lag every 2-3mins where gameplay gets choppy, ive tried another xbox and called my isp they swore it was not them and they tried everything they could, ive port forwarded, put xbox in dmz, turned upnp on and off, and nothing seems to work! so please call of duty nation help me out with this one!


p.s my internet speeds are: 33Mbps download, 5.62Mbps Upload, ping 17

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    Not quite sure what you are complaining about... Are you saying your running slows down because of lag? Never heard anyone describe lag by saying their running speed decreases while running. First of all, you internet speed means nothing. I currently live where I can only get DSL and the fastest internet speed they offer in my location is 6Mbps and I hardly ever lag. I also have a friend who has cable internet that his speed is 60Mbps, but he lags more frequently than I do. When I first moved to where I live now, I spent many hours on the phone with my internet provider to make sure not only is my modem configured correctly, but my router is configured to work correctly with the modem.


    -Port Forwarding

    -Specification on both modem and router

    -Gateways(Modem and Router in one device) are garbage

    -It is also valuable to spent some time on the phone with your ISP yelling at them to make sure they do not throttle your internet. I found that my ISP was doing that and after a week of calling daily they fixed that.

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    UNDEAD are you new to MW3?  This isn't MW2, where you have marathon.  You will run and slow down once you have no more stamina. 

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      I think the running needs a bit of a buff really. I mean come on, what IW are saying is that soldiers (who in real life are trained for years to be at the peak of physical fitness) run out of puff after about 12 steps of running. I'm REALLY fat and can run longer than that!


      Whilst I think unlimited sprint would ruin THIS game because of how small maps are - and imagine being knifed around corners because of lag comp - that would really take the piss

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        Yes it needs a buff.  Because you get like an extra 3 seconds of running compared to not using extreme conditioning.  After that you run the same as the next person which is 1 second walk, 1 second walk, etc.


        It is under powered compared to other tier 1 perks.

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        Agreed. There's something that's not quite right about every single soldier in the game only being able to run for a few seconds then having to walk, especially when you're playing on a map like Village or Mission and you're Africa Militia... There's no way somebody with so little armour on would only be able to run that teeny distance... And imo extreme conditioning is the worst and most pointless perk ever.


        But yes, I hope something is done about it but at the same time I can't decide whether It's just being petty, but in relation to the question It does happen to me sometimes, but not as often as you're describing. I have a wireless connection (shoot me down, wired worshippers) and I only have lag problems in certain rooms in the house.