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If you work for ACTIVISION or are developing the new COD release, BO2, PLEASE NO MORE GAME-DESTROYING LAG!


I believe I speak for millions when I say that we're fed up with the beast called lag.


This burden will not mythically be forgotten, it will kill the game, kill the series and eventually become a tutorial for future game devs on "how not to make a game".


Black Ops, and more recently MW3, have both been afflicted with something that goes beyond gun balancing, clever perks, fancy killstreaks, beautiful maps, customisation and Prestiges. Black Ops and MW3 have a dire disease called "matchmaking horribillus" and the (wrongly prescribed) medicine has been lag compensation, which accentuates the problem.


In short COD has the grounding to be one of the most important games, franchises and entities of the 21st century and yet it is fading like a neglected orchid.


Priority #1, 2 and 3 is to produce a new, stable system of matchmaking and connection such that everyone can enjoy online gaming. If it needs to be, that we have to wait longer, or quit a pre-game lobby when we realise we'll have a bad experience, that's fine, just don't sell us up the river for the 3rd year running...


Treyarch, take note.