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Level up Killstreaks?

I have an idea to level up killstreaks, 3 levels or so. Let's take Napalm for example:

Level 1: Normal Napalm Strike


To get to the next level, you have to complete certain challenges with that killstreak, say:

Kill 20 people with napalm

Earn 5 multi-kills

Earn a Defense medal using napalm


Then say, level 2 is slightly better but no drastic change between levels


Level 2: +5 seconds of burn time and increased initial radius (something like that)


Challenges for level 3: (things like)

Kill 30 people with napalm

Earn 3 napalm-strikes in one game

Earn two offense medals


Level 3: Napalm plane flies in 2x as fast

This is all just an example but I think having some slight leveling up system in killstreaks BO2 would be great. What do you guys think?



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    Brilliant idea. Brilliant f*cking idea. It might just be because I enjoy RPG level-up notions and thoroughly enjoy more customization and expansion on any aspect of Call of Duty, but this sounds bloody great. Not too overbearing on other aspects of the game and the extra levels only subtly affect the base foundation killstreak - wonderful. Level 3 Spy plane, Counter-spy plane and Blackbird here I come!

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    Pro killstreaks? I like it. I really like it.


    Just an example to add to yours. AC130:

    Level 1: Typical AC130.

    Level 2: Additional flare is added.

    Level 3: Usage time increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds.


    This would be a fantastic addition to the series. Devs, you need to see this thread,

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    I've mentioned this idea in passing a couple times, the problem with this is I don't want to see over powered streaks. Players need to play the game with their guns and be assisted pointstreaks. At the same time I don't want useless killstreaks that have no point in using. Here's some of my ideas from MW3 Assault Package:


    UAV - 15sec sweeps every 1 sec
    Pro (obtained by calling in 100 UAVs) - 30sec sweeps every .5 sec


    Carepackage - 15% chance of receiving a killsteak of 7 or higher
    Pro (obtained by calling in 100 CPs) - 20% chance of receiving a killstreak of 7 or higher, changeable


    IMS - 4 shots
    Pro (50 kills with IMS) - 5 shots, paints target on map for 10 sec


    Predator - Red box,
    Pro (50 kills with Predator) - 15% damage increase, paints targets for 10 sec


    Sentry Gun - 30 sec AI controlled sentry horizontal (90deg rotation)
    Pro (50 kills with sentry) 45sec AI controlled sentry, horizontal (180deg), and vertical (45deg)


    Precision Air - 2 planes (3 bombs per)
    Pro (50 kills with Precision) - 3 planes (4 bombs per)


    Attack Heli - 30 sec
    Pro (50 kills with Attack) - 45 sec, 1 flare


    Strafe Run - 5 choppers 1 pass
    Pro (50 kills with Strafe Run) - 5 choppers, 2 passes


    AH6 Overwatch - 30 sec
    Pro (50 kills with AH6) - 45 sec paints, targets for 10sec, and 1 flare


    Reaper - 30 sec 1 flare
    Pro (100 kills with AGM) - 45 sec paints target for 10 sec, 2 flares


    Assault Drone - 30 sec, 10 sec missile reload time
    Pro (100 kills with Drone) - 45 sec, 7 sec missile reload time, paints target for 10 sec


    AC-130 - 30 sec, 1 flare
    Pro (150 kills with AC-130) - 45 sec, 3 flares, paints target for 10 sec


    Pavelow - 30 sec 2 flares
    Pro (100 kills with Pavelow) - 45 sec, 3 flares


    Jugg - LMG 200rds, USP 30rds
    Pro (150 kills with Jugg) - LMG 200rd drum, USP 30rd ext mag, Scavenger, Lightweight Pro

    Osprey - 30sec, 4 CPs 15% chance of receiving killstreak of 7 or higher


    Pro (150 kills) - 45 sec, 5 CPs 20% chance of receiving killstreak of 7 or higher

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    If thier going to implement this then killstreaks HAVE to start out below average at level 1.

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    Awesome idea!

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    make the last level a hades bomb


    @ Ghamora:  I loved every one of those ideas.  Truly inventive means of upgrading.  Kudos.  My only critique is that I think you should increase the blast radius of the predator a little.

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      Moorningstar wrote:



      @ Ghamora:  I loved every one of those ideas.  Truly inventive means of upgrading.  Kudos.  My only critique is that I think you should increase the blast radius of the predator a little.

      That kinda what I was going for with the 15% increase in damage

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        blast radius and damge are diff.  Since its pretty much a one hit kill dmg increase seems wasted to me, but increased radius would make it harder for the funny little targets scurrying around like ants to escape my wrath.  MWUHAHAHAHAHA

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    Sorry, but this would not be very good. Take napalm: I've earnt a five killstreak just the same as you. Why should one of us get something better? This would penalise new players even more. Not only do they have less unlocks already, they would have to work with sub- standard killstreaks too. Plus, the upgrades would make killstreaks overpowered. If I could upgrade my Reaper in mw3, it would be too powerul. It sounds like a nice idea, but it would be too unbalenced.

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      If they balance the killstreaks as they did in Black Ops (with the minor exception of Blackbirds), then there is no problem. Yes, if this was a feature in the Air Support Warfare titles that Infinity Ward pumps out I would agree, but Treyarch get their mechanics balanced.


      Your point about new players being at a disadvantage is idiotic. There are atleast half a dozen features in each post-2007 title that give players of a higher rank or such new perks, new weapons, more attatchments, better killstreaks, upgradable perks and so on. Why haven't you made a thread yet complaining about those features that give the higher levelled players the upper hand?

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      Its only a minor boost, just like pro perks. It doesnt take long to level up the first few perks, it should be the same for the killstreaks. 1-6 level up easy, 7-10 level up slightly harder. 11 onwards take a while to level up.


      It shouldnt upset the game balance too much they are only a minor boost (in the same way as pro perks) and im all for it.

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    wow this is like the best idea ive seen yet




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    Interesting concept, but in my view it would be a pointless addition to an already tasking leveling system. Also what happens when you prestige, do you lose the leveled killstreak or keep it.

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    LOVE the idea. We really need to get treyarch to read this thread. This would add more flavor to killstreaks.

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    Sounds good but this might be a source of lag issues in MW3, too complex. Also, I would much rather have gun DLC than upgrading killstreaks IMO.

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    This sounds good but you need to take inconsideration of the new kill streaks, like the quad roter and the new assault drone. All the kill streaks named off here were ones in MW3. Also I get tired of hearing about things being too OP, who cares there is always something that is going to be better than something else get over it. The things mentioned is not making the kill streak more powerfull it's not adding damage to it, it's adding more time to the kill streak (choppers), speed (sentury guns), and painting the enemy on the map. To me I think they should have the ability to cutomize the kill streak instead of leveling it up to pro. With the create a class 3.0 point system you should be able to if you want use one of your points on your kill streaks to add more flares to the chopper, or speed to a assault drone, or even increase the speed of a sentury gun. This sounds like it could work better and be implemented faster along side the create a class 3.0 system. 

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    Level up, yes.

    Subtle benefits, yes,


    increase the points/kills required.


    This will appease the ecstatic responses to the idea in this thread with the balancing worries of the other players posting here.


    For example.

    Napalm level 1 - 5 kills/points

    Napalm level 2 - 6 kills/points

    Napalm level 3 - 7 kills/points


    This is mathematically more balanced, when you consider the probabilities of achieving the streak weighed against the advantage of the higher level streak.


    I too liked the idea, but also share the concern of OP, balance or being fair to inexperienced and experienced players alike (Prestige or otherwise).


    With this idea, the player has a good choice to make and can adjust their set up for different maps, game types or opponents.


    It's also important to remember (something not yet mentioned here), that choosing your set up is a major part of COD online strategy and tactics. Without an increase in kill or point streaks for higher level bonuses to that streak, you remove strategy, risk and calculation in that area of the game.