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Boss Round Ideas: Feedback Appreciated

     (These are some ideas i had back before MW3 even came out)




Hey guys. I have a great idea for a new enemy that will appear during special rounds (dog rounds, basically).


So picture this: the round starts, and you can hear very faint voices, kind've like in Shi No Numa. Then, hundreds of lightning bolts hit the ground, and Sam appears. She walks slowly, like George, holding her teddy bear, and her hair is covering her barely-visible bloody face. When you shoot her alot, she screams and shouts in a demonic voice. She drops her teddy bear and teleports away. The teddy bear runs after you with a bowie knife, and tries to stab you. Your objective is to kill him, but there is a possibility that he will knock you down, and jump on you. When this happens, you must tap R3 (dont know for xbox) to rip the knife out of his hand, and slice his head off. He disintegrates. Samantha reappears, and then things get intense. She starts running at you, with her demonic voice beckoning you, and her bloody face totally creeping you out. She keeps running and teleporting. When you finally kill her, she disappears, leaving a max ammo. She says, "We'll be back," and laughs loudly and violently. The laughing and voices fade, and the next round begins.


*update* 8/1


Hey guys. I'm back with another idea for a Nazi Zombies special round. Snatchers. These guys come every 10 rounds, and there are four of them.


So picture this: The round starts, and your view turns to blue, like the Pentagon Thief. You hear a girl scream loudly, in pain, and then you listen to her get killed. Then, you hear demonic laughing and a zombie voice say, "They're here." If you look up in the sky, you see 4 meteors strike the earth (outside of the map) and the screen shakes. After all of the dust clears, you'll hear faint voices and zombie moans. If you look on top of the building, or any other house-type thing, you'll see the snatchers. You see them wearing black sweatshirts, and their hoods are pulled up over their faces. They have tattoos on their arms, and they wear bloddy sweat pants.


Now, this is when it gets chaotic. The snatchers jump off the buildings and chase you while teleporting. If they get a hand on you, you teleport with them to a "room". there are 4 rooms:


Pentagon; You must run away from nova crawlers when you are teleported to "Five", and you have no weapons. You must chase the snatcher, and knife him in the back to escape.

Roof; you’re only there for a few seconds, nothing special.

Unknown; You're teleported to a room, and your trapped in a corner, being attacked by zombies. You must punch them, until you acquire 100 points. Then, the snatcher appears, and you teleport away.

Asylum; You get teleported to Verruckt, and you are strapped in a chair. The snatcher walks into the room and reveals his bloody, zombified face. You must escape the chair by pressing a shown series of buttons rapidly.


If a snatcher does enough damage to you, you will go down. The only way to be saved from a snatcher is if your teammates shoot him when he appears for a few seconds. Only 2 people will be taken at a time. When a snatcher is killed, the other ones teleport away, and you hear Sam say, "That wasn't very nice!". There is a max ammo that will appear directly in front of a player, and you hear faint voices say 'We'll be back." The next time they come (round 20) there will be three of them, and so on. When you kill a snatcher, he's dead for the whole game.


So, what do you guys think?

Positive feedback appreciated. Thanks again for reading


Once again guys, these are some of my old ideas i wanted to bring back.  Constructive criticism appreciated.

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    Your first teddy bear/Sam idea wholly depends upon whether or not the '4 characters' storyline is continued in Black Ops 2 and that Samantha again becomes the antagonist of that storyline.


    I don't like the idea of aliens, and other-worldy beings - it takes away from the plausability, and thus, the fear factor the player experiences when playing the game. Remove the idea of the meteors and stick to classic undead-rising-from-the-ground. Also why am I reminded of Left 4 Dead? 


    Too convoluted to impliment features from previous maps into new ones. This again depends upon whether or not the BO2 zombies universe is that of World at War and the original Black Ops. I dislike the using of new material also - it's lazy and brings nothing new to the table.


    Your idea of manically pressing buttons to escape something is very reminiscent of more interactive games than Call of Duty, but whatever floats your boat...


    Expand more upon how me and my team kill the 'snatchers', how do they navigate the map and in what way, how much health do they have and so on.

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    The Sam with  teddy bear thing sonds too disturbing, id'l scare away all the kids D:

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    I dislike the Samantha idea but I like the snatchers. I remember reading that on the BO1 forums, was it your idea or have you just "borrowed" it? xD

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'll update this with some more ideas i have

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    there should be a map where every 4 rounds any zombie boss, hellhounds, monkeys, fire zombies, screamy zombies,  mad george (u get deathmachine 4 round), and the theif. they all give a max ammo and a random perk at the end if they didnt down you, steal perk machine or guns...

    i think it would be cool

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    Just have to remember Anrewl3 that sam is not controlling the zombies anymore, Edward is. Sam is alive just in richtofens body. Mabye richtofen could come as a zombie since his body is ditched by sam

    which is possible showen on the black ops 2 poster that you get for preordering. Their is a girl with  richtofens head or a zombies head. The only other girl we know of is sarah michelle gellar from call of the dead and the girl in the poster has black hair which looks nothing like sarahs hair. so richtofen could come every round till you kill him. since their will be 8 player zombies 4v4 what ever team kills him each person on the team gets one of his creations. So 1st person gets monkey bombs the 2nd person gets the wonderwaffle the 3rd person gets the thunder gun the 4th person gets the raygun.