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What is your style of play? Keep it mature, thanks.


Mine is very simple, I am the mobile camper (hold a flag for an alloted amount I time depending on how popular that flag is to the enemy, when less popular I move to check the other flag and defend it for alloted amount of time,constantly moving from spot to spot and listening, re-caping the flag if needed and defending like a good team player). I prefer Dom because you can pretty much pinpoint where everybody will be on the map and you can set up your on back and forth defensive trails to each flag, I prefer not to triple cap because it messes up spawns (opinion from experience). Depending on the map I play on I have a variety of class setups, not the same lame setup every time. Judge all you like, but it works and it's not siting in a dark corner the entire game (which is what a true camper is) and not even bothering to cap or re-cap a flag. I believe a lot people have a misconception on what camping really is. We could argue that in real life camping is used every day in combat and so is mobile camping, but that would just run everybodies breaths out and how silly we would look in the process. I don't FMG9 spam, flash spam, noobtube, or RPG. I don't even heartbeat sensor, but I do always carry my portable, leave it at one of our capped flags to keep an eye on it for the more obvious invaders. I pace myself, I prefer not to rush blindly in to the frey, I listen to complaints of my team and shout outs (be they immature and such). And most of all, I love my C4, because grenades in this game are almost useless when the enemy decides to mob one flag, hitmarkers everywhere or use something that gets the job done. I really love Specialist, use it most of the time, and I feel more useful with it.