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MW3 Server Issues Today?


Lag and connectivity worst it's been since launch day.....I have put up with a lot of crap performance buts it's the first time I have put it down.


Anyone else having worse than normal issues?


Im off to play some mass effect......will check in later.


Thanks to all in advance of any comments or guidance.

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    Sorry to hear that gallp.  This week has been one of the worst for me as well.  I can't really play TDM right now and Dom seems to be a lot of work to go positive even though I play the objectives and as long as we win I am happy.  That being said, I am dying by the dreaded "single bullet" syndrom a lot more than usual this week.

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    I had a lot of problems yesterday with lag and hit detection.  All my guns seemed to be shooting phantom bullets at one point.  I've been on for about the last 3.5 hours and whatever the problem was it seems to have righted itself, at least for me.  I had to put it down too because anyone in earshot would have thought I was suffering from Tourette's

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      Lol Tourettes...now I know whats wrong with me......pity I would love to play a little lazy Sunday MW3 but it's just rubbish.........back to Commander Sheppard.......gun play sux but at east hit detection works.


      I really hope 3arc nail the next CoD god help the franchise if they don't. No wonder no one is interested in Vivendi's 61% stake in Activision.


      Thx for the feed back appreciate you and luckee taking the time to respond.