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DLC Shinanigans

So my funny little story starts with me pre-ordering asm from uk game shop (as im in aus no shops offered pre ordered bonuses).

I was aware postage would take a while but that was the trade off for some dlc goodness.

So on release date i see the game on shelves and have to contain myself but i did notice on the psn store there were all pre order bonuses there in store, Yay!

I didnt buy them as i didnt have the game yet and needed to make sure they were compatible.

Then 2 weeks after release the game shows up i play for a day go to download all DLC and.......gone it's all gone from the network.

Im not ******** cos i did get my  stan lee but just thought it was a funny series of bad timing.


The positive we can take from this is that the DLC is all ready to go they just have to drop it on us whenever they are ready. (Rhino, Stan Lee and Oscorp add on missions)