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Making Balanced Teams....

So for the last couple of days i've been having a lot of issues getting games. When i choose find a game and select a game type 1 of 2 things happen...


1. I get a black box pop up that says my connection to xbox live servers has been interupted. I can still hear the people in my party so i know this is not the case.


2. I goes to start finding a gaming, but does not actually seem to be searching through hosts. Then it starts adding people to my game... slowly...


After the are enough people in the room to start a game you get the normal ticking sound that happens when the game is counting down to start, except there is no count down, i just says "Making Balanced Teams" in the top right corner of the screen. This lasts for about 60 seconds, then the count down finally begins and this is only if people don't get bored and leave the room.


The game lags heavily once it does start, normally half the lobby has 2 bars connection. Then once the game finishes it hangs at the score screen for a while before dropping back to the lobby with a "server timed out error" sometimes this also locks up my game stopping me from confirming the error and continuing to another game. The only way around it is to dashboard and reload.


I know this is affecting me and my friends in the East London area, but are we the only ones? I have not seen this problem on the forums at all, but a google search of Making Balanced Teams brings up numberous hits in the last 2 days.

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    You might want to give some these tips a try to see if this improves your online communication to the Modern Warfare 3 servers.


    http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Problem-Connecting-to-an-Online -Game-for-Xbox-360


    Also try clearing your system cache on your storage device before attempting to play an online game. If you have any other questions, please visit Activision's Customer Support website.



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    Much of what you describe makes me think your own connection is the problem

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    I work in computers and am very aware of all the possibilities regarding blocked ports and such.


    I have checked my internet connection, 50mb fiber optic. I have ping tested and speed tested my connection. I get 50mb download, 6 mb upload. 36ms ping with 5ms jitter.


    I have opened all the ports for Xbox live and COD on my router, i've even put my xbox on the DMZ of my router and tried port forwarding.


    I have cleared my cache, all of these steps i have tried before i even came onto the forums.


    My connection was perfect until about 3 days ago and as i mentioned my friends are having the same issues. I highly doubt this problem is down to my connection, i noticed that recently there was a hot fix for matchmaking and my thinking is that this is the cause of the issues.