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  • 770. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    GHANDI, is there any way to nerf the UAVs?  Make them shorter, or more time inbetween bleeps, raise it to 5 kills in support?  Anything?


    I have pro in various tier 2 perks.  But I would prefer to use them more often then having to always resort to Assassin.


    I am a huge runner and gunner by the way.  Not using assassin will resort me to camping more often.

  • 771. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    Ghandi, did you miss the image I posted of me being in a lobby full of Iraqis and South Africans?


    This last patch is obviously not quite right

  • 772. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    @ G IH A IN ID II


    I seem to be connecting to Spain alot lately in the newest patch, Which is not good.....

    I always get a 3-2 Bar on there servers even tho matchmaking join's me into 50-100ms Lobbys.


    Maybe you could check the telemetry data for my Location?


    Scotland (United Kingdon)

    City: Inverness

    ISP: Talktalk (Fastpath Profile)


    Also Why can't I Join 50ms games when I'm in a Party of 2 & above? When I play solo I can join 50ms games no problem but only with DLC Disabled.

  • 773. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, I haven't followed the patch updates since may so I was a little lost at what has happened.


    Thanks Ghandi

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    Hi it makes no difference what maps im playing.Clan ops sunday was another disaster French and german lobbies all night,gave up eventually because the lag was horrendous.Every death was an insta kill.This has been happening i think since around patch 1.13.Since 1.17 the lag has gotten so bad i get about 1 half decent game out of 5.I play in an English clan.

    Dundee Scotland BT Infinity i get 30mb down 7.5 up good ping all over europe.I ve hardly heard a scottish voice in my matches for months I appreciate the work you're doing but im losing hope.This is the most frustrating game ever.

  • 775. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    G IH A IN ID II wrote:


    I've gone on record saying that it'll be fixed and I'm even more confident now.





    Any ETA on the lag comp patch yet? it really cant come fast enough.

  • 776. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    With the introduction of DLC, 6 players for a match to start is now needed more than ever. There becomes too many things in the way for it to be easy for certain people to find a match.


    For example, I live in Australia and I play on PC. I have both DLC collections and yet I've hardly played them. When I do find Australian players that also have DLC, I find around 4, then the lobby merges with another, but thanks to the horrible merging system, it merges with players from overseas and I end up getting 2 bars because the host isn't Australian.


    Also incase you didn't know, for some stupid reason that I will never understand, you still take fall damage even with dead silence pro and it's really annoying.


    For the love of god listen to me...

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    Hi all,


    Just an interrogation why there is no people in Mercenary? (every day I see only two thousands of people playing).


    I think that's because the game mode rotate (Domination, TDM, KC).

    That's really annoying because when you want play only domination and you fight against a team there is less chance to win a match.


    If I correctly remember in MW2 there is a separate playlist for TDM or Domination for alone player. WDYT about creating a separate playlist like in MW2? Maybe it will fracture more the community?


    BTW, matchmaking is horrible in Mercenary and there is a lot of lag because of the lack of people...




  • 778. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    G IH A IN ID II wrote:


    Itsbroken wrote:


    Can't even get into a game tonight at all.


    I'll enter a pre match lobby and there's just a constant countdown going on in the background, no numbers counting down on screen etc. Lobby seems to be stuck with various new players coming and going off the lobby list all the while.


    If I exit the lobby and search again and do get into a game, as soon as that one game finishes I get booted instantly and get the 'server connection timed out' message.


    Often when trying to search tonight, it appears to not be even searching for a lobby and is just sitting there saying 'waiting for seven more players'.


    Been getting a funny message across the lobby search screen which I've never seen before also - a black band centre horizontal with 'connection lost to call of duty servers' in white lettering.


    All this in the last hour and a half.


    Please help.




    Have you rebooted your machine? The connection lost to call of duty servers message means you cannot see the match making backend. Is there intermittent service on your ISP? Our backend is reporting no issues currently. Are you on Xbox or PS3?






    Hi Ghandi - missed this last night but thanks for the response.


    Yes, I rebooted all equipment involved. Had xbox in and out of DMZ with same results. Definitely no intermittent service with my ISP (BT Infinity).


    Not just me affected it would seem last night as I was reading this;




    Not sure if this was a fibre only problem as I also have an ADSL connection which had none of the above problems when I tried that one at the same time last night. The games were lagging really bady however, though I get this all the time on this connection as the ping to anywhere is always very low.


    Xbox user BTW.


    I know of at least two others in my locality that had the same problem last night, both are BT Infinity customers too. You may wanna have a look at the telemetry data for Watford, Hertfordshire, UK as there's definitely something extra goofy going on this past week or so.


    Edit - finding games okay this afternoon.

  • 779. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

    Most games I played today went good connection wise, with a few very hard to kill 3 bar players.


    4 VS 3 bar balance still gets very random and thus aggravating. I have no idea why I’m playing so many 3 bar players. I see a lot of people from France (generally not a problem if they have a 4 bar), Spain (a lot), Arab and Italian players. Nothing against them, but most ping a 3 bar at best to the host and It aggravates me to no end needing more than 5 bullets to kill someone only to see myself die instantly or see a spot on sniper / shotgun shot disappear in thin air, the sync issues become clear and you can't blame the host raging when a lobby has more 3 / 2 to 4 bar players. Like said not all 3 bar players are hard to kill & get clear lagvantage, but many do. It’s no fun playing halo when they are playing cod.


    I also have to say disabling dlc as a solution for better matchmaking is retarded (I don’t have dlc and it’s still very random), why did people buy dlc maps in the first place then to get lagged / lag comped to death?


    What about you guys just installing regional lock searches, then if it fails to find local games let it go over 75 ping, but first let matchmaking search for local lobbies significantly longer in BIG games modes. Games modes like dom, tdm, KC & s&d should mainly be full with 4 bar players to the host while the game is in its prime. I don’t believe said players can’t find a local lobby where they can ping 4 bar to the host in these game modes. It just doesn’t make sense since I get a 4 bar every time I join < 75 ping lobbies on a wireless net too with a QOS upload limit to avoid hosting.


    People in populated regions would really appreciate that. Now it generally tries to join 3 out of 50 < 50 ping lobbies then goes to 75 immediately where it tries to connect to more games, something like 7. Shouldn’t it try to connect to all 50 < 50 ping lobbies first before moving upwards potentially for all players?


    If you add 10 ping intervals wouldn’t people be playing more local too especially in big game modes? Why would you increase the ping intervals to 25 when more people have faster / better ping ratings 2 years later? Shouldn't that mean you should start the ping searches at < 30 then move up 10 every time?

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