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rapid fire modders and online gameplay


so i've been online playing tonight and out of the past 10 matches we've played there's been at least 1 player in each game that used a rapid fire controller to get an advantage. How/is iw/activision doing anything to get these cheaters out of the game. Im tired of playing just to have some1 cheating to get an advantage.

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    I'm pretty sure rapid fire controllers are frowned upon, but not against the rules.


    It's hard for IW to cap firerates without hindering those with a fast trigger finger, like they did in CoD4.


    How exactly are people getting an advantage with it anymore? You can use akimbo FMGs against anyone with a handgun (which is generally the only secondary to make use of a rapid fire controller) and pretty much easily outgun them 9 times out of 10. Anyone using an RSASS or Mk14 can also be outgunned by an ACR across the map, unless they're not paying attention. What I'm trying to say is, any gun that can actually make use of the rapid fire modification, still isn't as good as half the other guns.

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    Handy on the MK14

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    Dude, you can go to GameStop and buy one for 40 bucks. It's not cheating. You can also make your own for about 10 bucks in parts and some electronics know how.

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    Modded controllers give a massive advantage imagine the mk14 full auto lol


    I think the fire rate cap is about 600 I think! So it makes it a beast.


    It's a powerfully gun to make up for being semi auto! So you make it auto and boom your rocking.


    Imagine a full auto sniper rifle without the sniper scope or akimbo magnums ect there so powerfull and now as easy to spray and chase targets as an ar

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         Even Robert Bowling on Twitter confirmed this: Rapid Fire controllers are illegal in online MP. And by the way, they put a fire rate limiter on the MK14 for that very reason.


          If they didn't care about RF controllers they wouldn't have limited the ROF of a lot of semi autos, such as the Striker, USP.45, .44 Magnum, Desert Eagle, MK14, and the AS50

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    Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward was just recently talking about this on Twitter. He said that there isn't a way to detect a modded controller, but if it can be proved that one was used then they can ban people for it. Proving that one was used seems difficult, though.


    The full statement takes up five tweets, but here are the last two:



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           My friend thinks I have a ROF controller because I can shoot the RSASS and Dragunov at almost max RPM.


           Heh. I like to keep this class in private matches:


      Primary: RSASS Extended Mags/ ACOG Scope


      Secondary: Dragunov Extended Mags/ ACOG Scope


      Lethal/ Tactical: Throwing Knife/ Portable Radar


      Perk 1: Scavenger Pro


      Perk 2: Overkill Pro


      Perk 3: Steady Aim


      Specialist Strike Package:


      2/4/6: Sleight of Hand/ Quickdraw/ Hardline


      I used it mainly to troll my friends in Private Matches by spraying them down with my RSASS and my Dragunov with my fast trigger finger.


      I wouldn't like to bring this class online because people would call me a "cheater" and "Rapid Fire controller user!" because I don't want to run the risk of being banned and reset.

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    Threads like this = dumb. For one, what proof do you have that your opponent was using a rapid fire controller? Probably no proof at all. Many people including myself get accused of using rapid fire controllers ALL the time while using guns like MK14, RSASS, Dragunov, Pistols etc. The truth is, its really not that hard to fire off a lot of shots quickly.


    The game has a code built in where semi-automatic weapons have a firing cap therefore rapid fire controllers will not work properly. An average player can easily fire 6-10 shots in a matter of a second just by rapidly pressing the button. Its more work than holding it down for a fully automatic gun but the semi-autos are more powerful so it pays off.


    I think people who make threads like this are just butthurt that they got beat by someone. I got guys claiming they've reported me for cheating because I was using rapid fire on an RSASS. Not only would that be a dumb thing to do but the game is programmeed in a way where it would most likely faulter my gameplay rather than enhance it.

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    there are people that use modded controllers. i know a few. but they only work on certain guns. my buddy said he tries it on a acr or something already fully auto and it actually makes it worse. that being said. people report people all the time for bogus use of rf controllers. i was using a pp90m with silencer/rapidfire and everytime i killed the same two guys they would say "nice mod kid". its getting stupid. so what if people use it. its so hard to tell and there are ways to get around it. flank em, javilin them, or snipe em. number one thing you shouldnt do is go for revenge kills and be predictable. they will get so many kills off you its retarded

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    I can usually tell, rapid fire controller users ALWAYS have it on on a semi auto, and the fire rate is smooth, by that I mean the intervals between shots hardly deviate. A person with a good trigger finger can still not pull the trigger all the way back, and so on a standard controller they'll fail to fire sometimes.

    There are controllers that have a shorter pull on the trigger (modded xbox controllers which I think are absoultely okay, even extra buttons are fine, you pay a high price for a scuf), and the PS3 just has a button instead of a trigger, that will help with ROF too.

    You can even improve the amount of shots you can do by moving your hand and keeping a straighter finger, but that really adversely affects accuracy, I think that would work best if you switch the button layout to lefty so you can fire really faster with your left finger and still aim with your right hand.

    I agree, there are not as many rapid fire modders as people perceive there are, but it's generally blatantly obvious to me who these people are.

    Besides as mentioned in this thread automatics **** all over rapid fire mods (with the possible exception of a mod on akimbo P99s.)