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Lag/Minor Rubberband/Requesting help!

So, I've recently gotten back into MW3 not too long ago, after leaving a few days after launch. Too yet, have the same problems I thought were only going too accure during launch. (Don't get me wrong, I love this game. And no, I'm not bashing on it because it might infact be something on my mind, but it's doubtful.) I have no intentions on just dropping the game this time, as I've seen myself too get attatched back too the Call of Duty franchise.


Now, onto the subject of which I need support on.


I've been expierencing lag spikes every few minutes, minor rubber banding back a few feet and this sometimes does get me killed, well not sometimes.. It gets me killed alot, it's frusturating too say the least. I'm wondering, is there something I can do about it?


I have a great feeling that it's not my connection, 30ms. 30 down 2 up connection. (Time warner cable) etc.


I'm not able too get into a 50ms game for the life of me, mind you. I can get into one if I take the effort too keep backing out and requeueing for another game. But getting into 75 ms games is fine, due to 50ms ping games not doing a darned thing too help out in my situation.


I've opened up my port (3074) for MW3, But that's really the only suggestion I've found on the internet to see how I can fix this problem, because it's truely gamebreaking for me.


Support would be greatly appreciated! Any questions, you may ask away.


I'm also using a DIR-825 Dlink router, for anyone that wants too get technical.