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Good KDR


I have been playing CoD for 4-5 months now and my KD is almost always a 0.6. I can almost never go positive in FFA and I'm even worse at TDM. I am a rusher but so are others with a positive KD. How do they (you) do it?

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    i adapt my playstyle to the players i go against, rushing isnt always smart

    in free for all i would suggest you to try to hold a small area of the map as your own and patrol it back and forth.

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    4-5 months is nothing in terms of cod time, my first game was cod4 as with an awful lot of people so most of us have been playing for years and have way more experience on you, 0.6 is decent for your time played and it will improve, when Bops 2 comes out I can see you on at least a 1.0.

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    learning the maps and high traffic areas are important along with the different spawn points and camper spots. Learn to approach rooms/corners with caution. Venture out and find a game mode that you enjoy and do well in. FFA can be tough at first because of the terrible spawns.

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    Just take it slower, make sure you get atleast one kill before you die. I have a 3.10 k/d but I have been playing since cod 2 and have months invested overall the cods and I also camp alot. Try playing hardcore, thats what I prefer and you might actually do better at it. As craig said 4-5 months is just a drop in the bucket when compared to some, so take our advice and slow your roll. Also if your having trouble keeping up with people while aiming try a higher sensitivity, 3 is the default so give 5 a try.

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    rushing around a map with a submachine gun is lunacy i got 30k in FFA and rarely get great scores by that i mean at least 30-10. use underused/underpowered weapons but use them to their advantage, you'll find out you do better.
    as to the spawns with 10k kills you should know them fairly well and if u reach 30k youll hardly ever get killed by someone spawning behind you. as sometimes when you get a kill you should turn around immediatelly and go for the next spawn, some people dont like that but really its either you or him which one is obvs.
    also my best advice is if u have a headset use it. i use apple earphones and the funiest thing is geting told i have turtle beaches hah these idiots wasting £10, use specialist with dead silence and sirrep proas the first perks, assasin maybe i do it for playing dead, and watever first perk, depending on the gun.
    depending on the gun simlpy wait for the player to come in view (if u hear thm coming) in stead of being superman and going all rambo only to get headshotted or sprayed by the lunacy of the PP90m1.
    sprint less, and never around corners, use stalker and u can glide around them ith sighst up, very good with LMGs

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    Don't be a rusher right away, graduate to it eventually when you get good enough.  Rushers are usually good players, bad "rushers" tend to feed the other team killstreaks.  Start off with low killstreaks, maybe even support.  Use portable radar and "patrol" an area, get familiar with the maps and gradually improve your gunskill.  THEN try your hand at rushing, wait till you get MINIMUM 1 KD.


    I only recently started all out rushing, and I struggle with it at times, and I have a 2.5 KD.  You have to consistently win gunfights or else you're not a rusher, you're just rushing to your death.

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    If you wan't to rush, bump up your sensitivity, use shotguns to force yourself to be acurate (at the start), flash camping spots, sit with you nose pressed againt the screen (not literally) to help id targets fast and learn to drop shot.


    And when you inevitable get killed by a camper, consider wether he is gettable, or avoid his/her position. Don't be a lemming.


    Also learn to tell when you are at a lag disadvantage, rushing will be much harder, and try and flank or get behind the opposition.


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    I don't want to be discouraging, however I think most of the reason is that you haven't been playing very long.  The learning curve gets steeper every year for new people, because so many people joined the group the previous year.  Honestly I think the average quality of players has gone up since I started playing in 2009. 


    I watched a video on youtube of a guy saying that it takes somewhere around 40,000 kills (not just in a single CoD, but in all the ones you've played all together) to get good.  My KD didn't get above 1.0 till I had over 10,000 kills total.



    If you're interested in putting a little more time into CoD it can be a very rewarding leisure activity.  My suggestions:


    - Look at your stats; pay attention to which guns and game modes you do the best with


    - Watch some youtube videos for tips and tricks; I think Tmartn is the best of them


    - If you can switch to tactical layout then do it now before you get too used to default


    - If you get tired of multiplayer then give the missions and survival mode a try, they're pretty fun


    - If you aren't having fun then don't play; it's not worth your time.



    Good luck.

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         For starters, dont play FFA or TDM. TDM games dont last long enough. Play kill confirmed, its basically TDM but with a minor objective added in. A kill confirmed game lasts a little bit longer than TDM since the scoring is based on collecting dog tags and not getting kills. Also, Domination and Demolition are good game-types to raise your K/D in. You can get mad kills while still capping and protecting the objectives. Other than that, like everyone else said, its just experience. You'll figure out and develop a certain playstyle that will suit you and help you to get a lot of kills.