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  • 60. Re: Requests For the Devs

    I was thinking maybe a remake or something similar to the Spiderman game on the first Playstation

    You coul add free roam, web rush, and more costumes--pretty much what ever makes it more fun


    Thanks for your time

  • 61. Re: Requests For the Devs

    Another Spiderman game like this (free-roam,web rush) but comic based, and PLEASE make web-yoyo manual...(so we could do it whenever we wanted)

  • 62. Re: Requests For the Devs

    I don't know about you guys, but I was kind of disappointed with the web swinging. Sometimes I had to wait until I was in freefall just to swing again. It's annoying me, and I don't want to see the same five animations over and over again.


    • Optional day and night cycle
    • Dynamic weather (rain, snow, sun, cloudy)
    • Free-roam as Peter without his web shooters and suit (he can still stick to walls, super jump, and fist fight and help people)
    • A lot of unlimited random crimes, but don't make them too repetitive
    • Simultaneous random crimes
    • Combat arena (Gears of War-like Horde mode, but with criminals and super-villains)
    • Able to go to the other islands and visit Brooklyn
    • Go inside important buildings (Banks, homes, workplace, story-related buildings)
    • Able to choose between a realistic and normal web swinging mechanic. Realistic makes the webs stick to buildings.
  • 63. Re: Requests For the Devs

    Why freeroam as Peter WITHOUT web shooters? Didnt you watch the movie? He pretty much has them on throughout the movie and Marc Webb explained that he can put a cap on the shooters to disguise them as a watch.

  • 64. Re: Requests For the Devs

    well in all fairness the film was just released.


    anyway,    http://community.herohq.com/thread/200443379?tstart=0


    3rd post down.

  • 65. Re: Requests For the Devs

    What do you mean?

  • 66. Re: Requests For the Devs
    • Peter Benjamin Parker costume addition along with...
    • Unlimited Crime Patch
    • Random boss encounters (Even if it's not every boss, but like Scorpion or Iguana, even if you have to change the color of the models to make them as if they're random)
    • Full City Rat invasion code (obviously it's already programmed in the game because it was a level)
    • Zombie Mode!!!! (The city is over run with infected civilians, again, it's already in the game, Beenox, make it a code!!)
    • Hobgoblin. No, I won't stop. You should have done it from the begining. You know you're ignoring him, Activision!!!
  • 67. Re: Requests For the Devs

    Yeah I want a level called goblin gauntlet where you get to fight green goblin and hobgoblin in manhattan. That`d be cool.

  • 68. Re: Requests For the Devs
    • Reoccuring Crime
    • More Costumes, such as:

            - Classic Red/Blue Suit

            - Classic Black Symbiote Suit

            - Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider & Spider-Man Suits

  • 69. Re: Requests For the Devs

    Already told you that Sony reserved all Goblins for future sequels. The villains you saw in the game are the only villains Beenox was allowed to use. How many times do we have to tell you?

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