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Computer generated characters in zombies

This is probably a little late for Treyarch to put in, but I think it would be cool if the put in some type of computer generated character(s) in zombies that you started out with or could buy later(price depending on how much great they are). They would work kind of like the delta force or GIGN on survival on MW3.
This idea I'm kind of shaky on though.

Do you think they should be able to downed player?

Do you think they should be able to be revived or should they just die.


Also what would you think about being able to give them commands like;
Guard that window
Stick with me
Stay in this area and shoot
Revive me
Revive that player
Shoot in this general direction
Run that way/stay away from me
Throw a grenade

Sacrifice yourself (here they would run towards some zombies and pull the pins on their grenades)
Run like hell

Or would you rather them be simple like the delta force and GIGNs where they kind of follow you around, kill the bad guys, and throw a grenade every now and then, then die eventually?

The possibilities are endless.
What do you think.? Do you like some of these ideas? Any variations on the ideas?